Doom - Automap Station locations: How to complete your minimap

These terminals uncover the full level on your minimap. Here's a guide to the locations of every one.

The best tool to ensuring you get every last collectible and upgrade in Doom - aside from this guide - is a complete map. These 13 Automap Stations will reveal every area of the map and mark it with secrets and collectibles, and should be very helpful tracking down those last few upgrades. There's one for each of the 13 levels and their locations are listed below.

If you're interested in other hidden things, our Doom secrets and collectibles guide can help.

Automap Station locations: How to complete your minimap

Level 1: The UAC

  • After opening the blue door and defeating the first group of enemies below, take the upper path and the map station is in a room ahead.

Level 2: Resource Operations

  • In the corridor just before the steps to the power control room.

Level 3: Foundry

  • After clearing the upper gore nest, head for the platform opposite the exit door and follow it to the end.

Level 4: Argent Facility

  • In the large entrance room in the cooling area, head into a short corridor in the far right corner and force the door open to find this.

Level 5: Argent Energy Tower

  • In an alcove to the right of the disabled elevator when you enter the tower.

Level 6: Kadingir Sanctum

  • After opening the blue door and then the large door, you'll end up in an arena with pools of blood in the area below. The automap is in the lower left corner from where you enter.

Level 7: Argent Facility (Destroyed)

  • Once you've cleared the demon onslaught inside the security station, it's in the far right from where you entered.

Level 8: Advanced Research Complex

  • Head into the women's toilets just before the first objective marker, climb onto the sinks, and jump up to the hatch in the ceiling. Follow the passageway to find the automap in the room below.
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Level 9: Lazarus Labs

  • After climbing through the hatch in the room with the drone, head into the next room. There's a hole in the top of the wall in the corner ahead to your right. Climb up and drop into the room below to find the automap.

Level 10: Titan's Realm

  • Immediately in front of you after using the second teleport.

Level 11: The Necropolis

  • In an alcove to the right of the yellow skull.

Level 12: Vega Central Processing

  • On the left as you enter Sector P Access.

Level 13: Argent D'Nur

  • Pass between the two large statues and turn right at the bottom. Head to the end and there's a short flight of stairs to your right with the automap at the top.


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