Doom - Weapon Mod locations: Where to find all the Field Drones

These hovering robots give you a chance to upgrade your weapons with mods. Here's a guide to the locations of every one in the game.

Every weapon in Doom can be equipped with one of two mods, which can then be upgraded. The upgrades can be devastatingly powerful, so it's well worth the effort. To equip the mods in the first place, you'll need to find Field Drones; there are 12 of these in the game and we've listed all their locations below.

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Doom - Weapon Mod locations

Level 1: The UAC

  • After opening the blue door and defeating the first group of enemies, take the lower path and stay to the right, and jump across the gap at the end. The drone will head into a cave on the right.

Level 2: Resource Operations

  • In the same room as the yellow key, directly in front of you when you enter.

Level 3: Foundry

  • In the first large open area, from your starting position, jump the gap to your left and head through the door.

Level 4: Argent Facility

  • The first one starts off straight ahead as you climb over some crates after passing through the cave just after the rune. Approach where it was, jump down to the right, make your way round the rocky areas to reach a storage bay, and it'll be waiting for you at the end of a corridor to the left.
  • The second drone is located above the hydroponics lab. After completing the cooling area objective, defeating the summoner, and heading outside, you'll come to a gap you need to jump over. After leaping turn left and climb into an alcove, jump onto the box, and pull yourself up. Climb up a couple of steps immediately to your left, then jump across to the green-tinged rock and follow the walkway ahead. Clear out the lab then head upstairs and the drone will head to the right when you approach him.

Level 5: Argent Energy Tower

  • When you reach the severed pipe on the bridge, cross to the other side, climb up the platforms, and double back - you'll need to double-jump around the first bridge support to get back onto the platform. Follow it along, head up the stairs, and into a control room, and the drone is in the back.

Level 6: Kadingir Sanctum

  • After opening the blue door and then the large door you'll end up in an arena with pools of blood in the area below. Once it's clear, head up the steps opposite where you entered and the drone is off to your left.

Level 7: Argent Facility (Destroyed)

  • After clearing out the enemies in the first interior area after opening the airlock, use the terminal just to the left of the lowered bridge to activate a crane, and then double-jump onto the crate that it moves into position. From there, jump right.
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Level 8: Advanced Research Complex

  • When you've climbed out of the vent shaft after the pipe, head to the far end to find another shaft. Turn the fan off and drop inside, through the hole, and into a short pipe to find the drone.

Level 9: Lazarus Labs

  • In the small room at the end of the long corridor - you can't not run into it when you follow the objectives.

Level 10: Titan's Realm

  • After the area with the bridge, you'll fight off a few waves of demons. Once the final Mancubus is down, head for the passage to the right of where you entered and a door will have opened to give you access to the drone.

Level 11: The Necropolis

  • After using the blue skull and making your way down and through the tunnel, you'll come to a small room with stairs ahead. Jump across to the small area in the far left to find the drone.


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