Destiny 2 Treasure Map locations - Where to find all five Cayde-6 treasure maps and receive Letter Fragments

Where to find all five Treasures Maps on Io between November 14 and November 21.

Destiny 2 Treasure Map locations are something new in Bungie's MMO-like shooter, each week giving you directions to a series of treasure chests out in the world.

Though you are given specific locations for them on your map when you collect each Treasure Map, they can still be hidden away surprisingly well, which is where our Treasure Map locations page here helps.

The Treasure Maps available change each week, too, so be sure to return to learn the locations of the next set of hidden chests.

Where do you find Treasure Maps and what you get, including Letter Fragments

To start using Treasure Maps, first you need to complete the game's main set of story missions. Next, take a visit to Cayde-6, will begin selling each Treasure Map at the start of each weekly reset.

Each week he will have roster of five Treasure Maps for one planet - which will be the same location as that week's Flashpoint - each on sale for 4,800 Glimmer.


Opening each one will give you different rewards. For us, we received an Emblem, some Rare and Legendary Gear (and are one of the few sources of gear that can take you all the way up to the Destiny 2 max level cap, so if you haven't reached 265, wait until then before opening them that week) as well as a few mysterious 'story items'.

Two such items we received in the first week were consumables named Letter Fragment and the Schmoradric Cube.

Both of them could be returned to Cayde-6. While the former gave you some backstory about Cayde-6, the latter simply was delivered to him with seemingly no reward. Who knows whether over time handing these rewards over would contribute to something bigger.


Since Treasure Maps rotate each week with the weekly reset, it's advised you buy and open the chests during that week to make sure you get their rewards.

Destiny 2 Treasure Maps locations this week

In order of the Treasure Maps you pick up this week (commencing November 14th), here are the locations of all five Treasure Maps on Titan. As far as we know, the rewards within each chest is randomised, so it's worth opening all five to ensure you get everything possible.

1. I always used Titan as a rest stop before hitting the Reef. Something about those waves. This one's right under your nose. And your feet.

Head to Siren's Watch and head west along the walkway to the Sinking Docks. You'll come to a gap in the walkway you can leap over.


Shortly after that, you'll see the Treasure Map underneath the walkway itself, glowing through the grate. Drop down the side and stand on top of it to make the Open Cayde's Stash prompt appear.

2. "Getting pings on another one somewhere high up in one of those towers. From what I hear, the Fallen are using those towers as some kind of junkyard. Could be like a needle in a haystack. Good luck."

Travel to The Rig, and head west across the walkway connecting it to Siren's Watch. On the second strut, marked 01 on the outside, the chest will be visible on the left as soon as you enter.

3. Titan who gave me the lead said he stood there watching their spawning crud just repel off my cache... too scared to touch it. You aren't scared of a little Hive fungus are you?

Head to the Tidal Anchor area, and head down to the lower level (through the 'computer room', then through the stairwell) until you come to a room with a Wizard and other enemies coming at you from the far end.

Once you've cleared them out, check the right side of the room to find the chest out in the open.


4. We Exo must've had it made back in the Golden Age. Just my presence alone seems to bypass any active security measures in the Archologies.

This one is deceptively tucked out the way. Head to the Solarium, and once you're through the cracked purple wall, head to the far right doorway to the overgrown passage.

Head through the linear corridor until you come across some security barriers.


Hop over, and on the left hidden in the niche in the wall, is the chest.

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5. "Reef Awoken are weird like that. She assured me it was a gold mine, so I went exploring. Check near some kind of generator machine thing, there should be one I haven't hit in years."

Head to the south side of the Rig, to the walkway that takes you to the area south. Don't go across it; if you look east, you'll see the chest below a set of steps opposite. Jump over and land on the thin ledge next to it to open.

All done! Now head back to Cayde-6 to hand in your Letter Fragments and other items.


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