Horizon Zero Dawn: Maker's End - How to defeat the Deathbringer, find out about Elisabet Sobeck and Ted Faro

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Horizon Zero Dawn's Maker's End is a mission you receive after finishing The City of the Sun.

With Olin dealt with and the mystery of his Focus at least partially resolved during the previous mission, The City of the Sun, it's time to start Maker's End which, as the name suggests, is a place of some pretty significant importance.

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Maker's End

Hop on your mount and get cracking, but be sure to stock up on the usual potions and supplies as you go, because there's a challenge ahead.

Fighting, climbing, and discovery lie ahead! Here's what to expect, and what to do:

Go the Maker's End - As you near Maker's End, a strange unknown caller chimes in through your Focus. He's spoken to you briefly before, and this time offers info on this strange woman you saw in a hologram that looks like you. Her name is Elisabet Sobeck. Keep going until you get close to your waypoint.

Loot the Equipment Stash (optional) - The caller has left you some spare equipment including a Ropecaster weapon - to help with the battle. Pick it up if you like, which we suggest you do.

Go to the Ruins - Save up at the nearby campfire, and head to the Ruins. There are several Cultists and corrupted machines in your way however. Deal with them how you wish, but if combat's your option we always suggest picking them off, rather than open combat with them all at once.

Investigate the Explosions - Some strange noises are coming from nearby, and a hulking figure can be seen through the rocks with your Focus...

How to defeat the Deathbringer in Horizon Zero Dawn

Kill the Cultists and the Deathbringer - Turns out those noises are what's called a Deathbringer, a whopping great machine that doesn't take after an animal, but instead is simply a machine of war. Luckily this one can't move around, but it's still strong.

Take out the Cultists first quickly, then focus on it. Like with a Corruptor, it's best to target the weapons first, with standard Tear damage, then when it overheats, hit the cannisters which pop out as many times as you can.

Cannisters above the legs will destabilize it, causing it to stumble and give you some free hits, whilst one big cannister will appear in the centre of the machine on rare occasions, which can be hit for massive damage.

Find out about Elisabet Sobeck and Ted Faro

Investigate the Rubble - With the Deathbringer down, investigate the rubble behind it, where you find a crack in the rocks to squeeze through.

Search for information about Elisabet Sobeck - You only need to take a few step before you realise where you are...

Go to Ted Faro's Office - It's time to head to the office of a man called Ted Faro. Climb up the nearby area, looking for the yellow-gold highlighted ledges to grab onto as you go, Uncharted-style.

Explore the area thoroughly to find several datapoints, and follow your waypoint as you go, it should be easy to keep track. Soon you'll be inside another shaft climbing up some pipes and ledges, until daylight breaks through, and you're on top of a massive skyscraper.

Search Faro's Office for information about Dr. Sobeck - This is Faro's office, in fact, and there are several datapoints to interact with. Watch them one at a time.

Exit the Ruin - With all that done, after another chat with that mysterious caller now known as Sylens, it's time to leave - BUT... there is a secret here. Above the elevator shaft you climbed up is a ledge.

Horizon Zero Dawn walkthrough: Guide and tips for completing the post-apocalyptic adventure Complete story walkthrough plus guides, tips, and tricks for Horizon Zero Dawn. Horizon Zero Dawn walkthrough: Guide and tips for completing the post-apocalyptic adventure

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It's possible to climb a little higher here, around the back of the spire, and right at the very top you'll find a chest and a Power Cell, which is important for a certain side quest a little later on.

Power Cell collected and, more importantly, secrets of the past uncovered, it's time for your next mission - The Grave-Hoard - which is another location-based name like this one was.


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