Fortnite Battle Royale's latest update adds deployable launch pads

Sky-dive anywhere, anytime.

Fortnite's new 1.9 update is now live, bringing with it a sizeable number of tweaks and improvements. Its most notable addition, however, comes to Battle Royale mode in the form of new placeable launch pads, enabling you to spring into the air, re-deploy your glider and drift about whenever, wherever you please.

It's an item that has the potential to dramatically alter the rhythm of the game, adding sudden, long-distance terrain traversal to Fortnite Battle Royale's rapidly burgeoning bag of faintly ridiculous tricks. That leaves ample scope for quick getaways or sneaky infiltration into enemy territory - as long as you don't forget that you're awfully exposed while you drift through the air in the middle of a match, like a murderous Mary Poppins.

There are caveats to your new portable flight-makers however; although launch pads can be used an unlimited number of times, they can't be picked back up once deployed, and they can be destroyed like any other trap.

Despite these restrictions, airtime-anytime is still an undoubtedly compelling addition, and another welcome example of Epic's willingness to edge toward the outlandish in order to differentiate Fortnite's Battle Royale mode from other last-man-standing games. After all, where else can you let rip with pumpkin rockets while you inch around the landscape dressed as a bit of shrubbery?

Fortnite's full 1.9 patch notes can be found over on Epic's website.

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