BioWare reflects on a decade of Mass Effect

Tapestry tool to archive your choices now live.

BioWare has celebrated a decade of Mass Effect by releasing a new video featuring developers involved in the much-loved, now much-missed space franchise.

Today is 7th November, known to Mass Effect fans as N7 Day - BioWare's annual celebration of the series. This year is also the 10th anniversary of the original Mass Effect's launch back in 2007.

It is a muted acknowledgement of the series' milestone. The future of Mass Effect is uncertain, at best. While some in the video below speak of the franchise in the past tense, others still say it has a "bright future". Time will tell.

For now, here's BioWare and some familiar voice actors to reminisce on the series so far:

BioWare has also released an interactive tapestry tool to chronicle your own choices through the four Mass Effect games' various branching storylines. (A similar tool launched previously for BioWare's fantasy series Dragon Age.)

N7 Day this year also features livestreams of games from the series, Mass Effect Andromeda's (final?) two unlockable characters for its multiplayer mode and some lovely new wallpapers. See you in another few years, Mass Effect - we'll be waiting.

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