Blizzard now lets you gift Hearthstone card packs to friends

And Overwatch loot boxes, WOW pets, etc.

Blizzard's app now has a gifting function, so you can send in-game items such as Hearthstone card packs to friends.

In fact, most in-game items can now be purchased as a gift rather than for yourself. Overwatch loot boxes? Check. World of Warcraft pets and mounts? Check. You can even gift BlizzCon virtual tickets.

Perhaps you'll soon be able to gift Destiny 2 PC Silver as well?

The app has also been updated for everyone with its new social tab, which was previously available in beta.'s social tab lets you create groups and chatting with mates. It's a bit like Blizzard meets Discord. You can also set a profile picture and status update. Yes you can be a murloc.

Best of all, you can hide offline while you're supposed to be working. Very handy.

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