Yes, Hitler is in Wolfenstein 2

We did Nazi that coming.

Tucked away at the end of the Wolfenstein 2 launch trailer, below, is a brief glimpse at a coughing and spluttering Hitler himself. Well, the back of his head. So yes, Hitler is in Wolfenstein 2.

Why is this interesting? MachineGames' previous two Wolfenstein titles, The New Order and The Old Blood, included mere mentions of or references to Mr Hitler. So Wolfenstein 2 marks his on-screen debut in this new series of Wolfenstein games.

Of course, Hitler has played an important role in the Wolfenstein series over the years. He appeared in Beyond Castle Wolfenstein as part of an assassination attempt mission.

Hitler also appears in id Software's Wolfenstein 3D as a boss character during a mission in which he turns into Mecha Hitler. It looks like this:

What we don't know is if you'll be able to fight Hitler in Wolfenstein 2. But if you can, it'll be the first time in a Wolfenstein game since Wolf 3D.

At the very least, the developers should let us punch him in the face.

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