Halo Wars 3 concept art reveals failed pitch

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Concept art for Halo Wars 3 has been released, revealing cancelled pitch material.

Brad Wright, a senior concept artist at Creative Assembly, posted the artwork on ArtStation explaining the idea which was pitched and ultimately scrapped.


Image credit Brad Wright.


Image credit Brad Wright.

"Surprisingly I got the all clear from Microsoft to show this cancelled pitch material," Wright wrote in the description. "We did some proposals for Halo Wars 3, I had to introduce space battles into the game style, as well as having your capital ship as your home base, to prep your ground forces."

The description has since been removed and replaced with "Halo Wars 2 additional work done for Creative Assembly for Halo Wars 2. Property of Microsoft." Wright has given no explanation as to why the change was made.


Image credit Brad Wright.


Image credit Brad Wright.

Halo Wars is a real-time strategy spin-off to the first-person shooter Halo series. Though some fans hold out hope, this cancelled Halo Wars 3 concept art indicates they will likely be waiting a long time.

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