CD Projekt to address The Witcher 3 post-PS4 Pro patch crashes


CD Projekt has said it will address a crashing problem some The Witcher 3 players have suffered after downloading the recently-released PlayStation 4 Pro update.

Reports on NeoGAF and reddit complained about The Witcher 3 crashing after the 1.50 patch was installed.

This patch, which adding 4K resolution support, came out last week. Digital Foundry did its thing soon after.

But the patch rendered The Witcher 3 unplayable for some. Concern was exacerbated after a message from CD Projekt, which suggested the developer wouldn't fix the problem, circulated online.

But CD Project confirmed to Eurogamer that this PS4 Pro crashing issue will be sorted soon.

"This response was simply a miscommunication on our end," a CD Projekt said over email.

"We are aware of the issues some users have been experiencing following the PS4 Pro Patch and we are looking into addressing those as soon as possible."

So there you go. CD Projekt's on the case.

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