Tamagotchis are going back on sale

Playing hard to pet.

Remember the Tamagotchi? Cared for one, fed it, raised it, then forgot all about it and felt guilty when it died?


Well, it's coming back - in North America, at least - to celebrate the toy's 20th anniversary.

The virtual pet trapped in a plastic shell is two decades old this November, when new units of the classic egg-shaped accessory will go on sale priced $15 (about 11.30).

We've asked about a UK launch, and expect it won't be limited to the US.

This 2017 version of the Tamagotchi is not getting a huge upgrade. Deliberately, the product is being manufactured to appeal to the nostalgia of us 20-and-30-somethings who had one back in the day.

So, expect the familiar monochromatic LCD screen (with no backlight) and simple three button controls.

The only change is the size of the thing: it has been made 60 per cent smaller to make it less obtrusive.

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