Destiny 2 has exclusive Lego-like in-game emblem if you buy toys

Mega bucks.

Destiny 2 has an exclusive construction toy emblem to use in the game - if you buy one of its Mega Construx toys.

(Mega Construx is a brand from the makers of Mega Bloks - aka the company which makes fake Lego.)

Spend more than $15 on a Mega Construx set and you'll get the emblem, US retailer GameStop promised over the weekend:

The Destiny 2 Ravensteel Sparrow set costs $15.99, the Cabal Bruiser Battle set costs $29.99, and the Cabal Harvester Dropship costs a bruising $199.99.

In the UK, these new sets are not yet available on Amazon - although older Destiny ones are.

Destiny has previously partnered with Red Bull and Virgin Media for exclusive in-game Sparrows. What next? A Doritos-themed Destiny emblem? That would be cool and original.

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