Neill Blomkamp made a short film in Unity and it looks fantastic

Adam and Eve it?

District 9 director Neill Blomkamp wrote and directed a short film using the Unity game engine and it's super cool.

Blomkamp, alongside Oats Studios, created the second video in the Adam story (the first is here), which was designed to show off graphical advances made with the popular game engine.

The video below is Adam: The Mirror, which was made in real-time using Unity. In it, the amnesiac hero discovers a clue about what and who he is.

While the setup is intriguing, it's the look of the film that's most impressive. The battered sci-fi Blomkamp is known for is present and correct, and of course there are plenty of highly-detailed robots. Unity, it seems, is capable of some quite wonderful graphical effects.

Blomkamp, of course, is no stranger to the world of video games. He directed a trilogy of live-action short films in 2007 to promote the release of Halo 3, and was once set to direct the Halo feature film before the project was scrapped.

The next episode of Adam is due out soon. Perhaps one day we'll see a video game based on it.

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