Destiny 2 Legendary Shards: How to get and spend the valuable resource

A primer on what you need to do with those elusive purple crystals.

Destiny 2 Legendary Shards is shaping up to be one of the game's most valuable resources.

Similar to Legendary Marks, Ascendant Shards and other end-game resources from the first game, it's a consumable used to help you get better gear and inch you closer to the max level cap.

Though it's early days, there are a few known ways to get this item, which is well worth investigating ahead of the arrival of Xur in the game's opening weeks.

What Legendary Shards are used for in Destiny 2

The in-game blurb for Legendary Shards is as follows: "Remnants of powerful items. Used to improve gear or trade for other items." So what does this mean in particular? Right now, we know Legendary Shards are used for two things:

  • Infusing weapons and armour into a higher Power level
  • Used as currency at Xur, the game's weekly vendor that will visit one of four planets each Friday.
  • Repurchasing Exotics from the Vault and mission-specific rewards from vendors

Thanks to an early Destiny 2 leak (via Reddit) for helping with the above.

Players of the original will note this is different to Destiny 1, which had you gather Strange Coins in order to buy Xur's many wares.

Now there is a shared resource with other systems in the game, it appears buying things from Xur might require more of a choice. Do you buy that fancy looking new Exotic, or spend it on Infusing the weapons and armour you already have?

How to get Legendary Shards

As a premium item, Legendary Shards will come from end-game resources and activities, including the following:

  • Dismantling Legendary (3 Shards) and Exotic (5 Shards) gear and Mods
  • Possible drop from decrypting Faction engrams (such as those from the Crucible, EDZ, Arcology, and so on)

We can also assume they will be a drop from other end-game activities - such as Nightfalls, Flashpoints and Raids - which we'll know more about as we reach the end-game.

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In the days following release, we don't know specifically how rare Legendary Shards are, only their usefulness. Our recommendation is to hold onto them as long as you can until you need to either Infuse or buy something from Xur.

It won't be for a few weeks until we learn how common (or likely, uncommon) they become, allowing you to make a better judgement. Of course, we'll be updating this page when we know a little more.


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