Destiny 2 Release, Unbreakable and Invitation From the Emperor - how to find and defeat Unyealding Servitor, Empowered Minotaur, and 7th Company Centurion

Everything you need for tackling the Nessus-based Destiny 2 Adventures.

Release, Unbreakable and Invintation From the Emperor are three mid-level Adventures you'll unlock in Destiny 2, and are available to play from the Nessus planetary area from around half way through the main story.

Here on this page, we'll give you a rundown of exactly how to unlock and then complete the two adventures, as well as a note of what rewards you can expect for doing so.

Before diving in though, note that for more of the same, and a general overview of how Adventures work, you can take a look at our Destiny 2 Adventures hub, with a list of various other Adventures and links to their respective guides, too.

Destiny 2 - Release

Release is a mid-level Adventure, and can be found on the planet Nessus.

Prerequisites: Complete missions Looped and Six.
Recommended power: 90
Reward: Rare (Blue) loot.

Here's what you need to do to complete the Release Adventure and tackle Unyielding Servitor:

  • Enter the cave.
  • Continue into the cave.
  • Clear the room - There are a handful of Vex in the main room, and one more in the corridor leading out the far side. Use a Void (purple) weapon if you have one to deal maximum damage to the Minotaur Guards and Unyielding Servitor.
  • Head deeper into the cave.
  • Clear the room - We'd recommend leaving the Minotaur Guards until last, and then taking them down one at a time - killing each one will unlock a cage that will let some Fallen loose, and even though you just saved them they'll still attack you.
  • Destroy the Wardens - One will spawn either side of the gap in the middle of the room. They're big but slow, so keeping mobile makes them easy pickings.
  • Examine Vex relic - Interact with the relic, then use the Transmat to leave the caves.

Destiny 2 - Unbreakable

Unbreakable is a mid-level Adventure, and can be found on the planet Nessus.

Prerequisites: Complete the missions Looped and Six.
Recommended power: 90
Reward: Rare (Blue) loot.

Here's what you need to do to complete the Unbreakable Adventure and tackle the Empowered Minotaur:

  • Collect Data Core from Vex - Kill eight of the Vex from the surrounding area and collect the items they drop.
  • Collect the Energy Spike - Head for the marker.
  • Destroy the Empowered Minotaur - Your weapons will have no effect on him, so walk through the white glowing pillar - it will give you 15 seconds of Disruptor Charge which will energise your weapons and allow you to do some damage. Repeat as many times as needed until he's down.
  • Go to the Tangle - Follow the waypoints.
  • Collect Energy - Jump up into the tree branches and collect the small glowing patches of energy.
  • Collect a Large Energy Font - Two large glowing pillars will appear; head for either one and grab it.
  • Destroy the Minotaur - Use the Disruptor Charge to defeat the Empowered Minotaur.
  • Follow Failsafe's Coordinates - Head through the tunnels following the waypoints.
  • Lower the Shield/Destroy the Vex Device - You'll need to repeat this process three times. Start by eliminating the smaller Vex enemies in the area to give yourself some space, then use the Energy Fonts to charge your weapon and destroy the Empowered Minotaur. Grab the Arc Charge it drops, place it in one of the receptacles in the centre of the room, then open fire on the device in the middle.
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Destiny 2 - Invitation From the Emperor

Invitation From the Emperor is a mid-level Adventure, and can also be found on the planet Nessus.

Prerequisites: Complete missions Looped and Six.
Recommended power: 90
Reward: Rare (Blue) loot.

Here's what you need to do to complete the NAME1 Adventure and tackle BOSS:

  • Enter the Vex Ruins - Follow the waypoints, drop down the hole, and traverse through the caves. Try and avoid touching any of the white liquid as you go as it deals damage.
  • Gather Data from Cabal Consoles - There are a lot of bad guys in here, and the added danger of environmental hazards. We'd suggest working your way slowly around the perimeter and wiping everyone out before attempting to use the consoles - it takes a few seconds to download the data form each one, leaving you wide open to being blindsided. The 7th Company Centurion patrolling the area is both heavily shielded and a massive bullet-sponge; use a Solar (orange) energy weapon to even the odds a little, and try and assault from the air when possible.
  • Reach the Landing Site - Follow the markers.
  • Clear out the Dropship Crew - Kill the 7th Company troops in the area.
  • Get to the Confluxes / Access the Lower Conflux / Access the Upper Conflux - Head to the next marker and interact with the two Confluxes - more 7th Company will drop in to try and slow you down.
  • Defend the Confluxes (Upper/Lower/Both Confluxes Under Threat.) - Defend the area from incoming enemies - you'll need to move quickly between the two to keep the threat contained, but we'd recommend staying near the upper Conflux as much as possible as it's easier to drop down in a hurry than jump up.
  • Reach the Beacon - Head for the marker.
  • Transmit the Data - Interact with the beacon.

With that, you're all done! Head back to our hub for Destiny 2 Adventures if you're looking for more on these.

Otherwise, nicely done, Guardian.


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