Destiny 2's Japanese trailer is... a little different

Just dance.

Destiny 2's trailers have, to date, mainly focused on the sci-fi sequel's shooting, story and characters.



That is, until now.

PlayStation Japan has just posted a Destiny 2 trailer which focuses on... dancing. A lot of dancing.

Featuring breakdancing Guardians and its own Destiny-themed pop song, it is the most musical Bungie has got since that whole episode with Paul McCartney.

There are catchy lyrics, too:

  • We're gonna take back the Light
  • Take on the fight
  • Harness the energy with all your might
  • Shine for humanity and make sure its right
  • Protect community and never lose sight
  • Claim your name and home in history
  • Believe in the ability to achieve victory!

...And so on. Sing along below:

Destiny 2 of course lets you dance as an emote, just as Destiny 1 did. But how about the rest of the game? (Yes, there's more to the came than dancing.) You'll have to wait a while longer yet for our full verdict.

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