Destiny 2 The Farm social space: Access date, new vendors and activities including soccer revealed

Bungie provides an early taste of the sequel's version of The Tower.

Destiny 2 social space The Farm is set to replace The Tower, the fan-favourite gathering spot that players returned to time and time again to change loadouts and pick up new quests.

Changing locations due to story reasons (the Tower, as revealed in the opening Homecoming mission, has been destroyed), The Farm looks to have many of the same functions as the original, but is also set to tap into more of the game's story, and add a few new distractions to help kill time while you're waiting for friends.

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When does The Farm social space access go live?

Players got an early taste of The Farm themselves as part of the ongoing Destiny 2 beta. It was available for just a single hour on Sunday, July 23rd at the following times:

  • UK: 6pm (BST)
  • Europe: 7pm (CEST)
  • East Coast US: 1pm (EDT)
  • West Coast US: 10am (PDT)

Why just one hour? Bungie wants to see "how many [players] it can accommodate at once", suggesting a stress test of the servers (which, lest we forget, is what a beta is partly designed to do). It also noted that "most vendors and services will be offline", partly due to the beta's lack of character progression, and partly because the space is said to evolve as you play.

What we know about the The Farm social space in Destiny 2 so far

We know a few key details (and plenty of teases of things to come) thanks to a reveal as part of IGN First from Bungie narrative lead Ryan Ebenger, which you can watch in full below:

Headline reveals include the space becoming available after the Homecoming mission, that it supports 26 players - up 10 from The Tower's 16 - and that The Farm will evolve over time, with characters coming and going and the population increasing (likely tied to single-player story progress).


We know two vendors that will appear in The Farm - Postmaster Darbi 55-30 and Cryptarch Tyra Karn, who appeared in Rise of Iron's social space the Iron Temple, (although note that neither of these were there during the beta test):


Story details

The Farm will also flesh out some of the game's wider story. For example, there is a hangar area which not only will house vendors, but also taps into the idea of Guardians having to rebuild and fix their ships and Sparrows after The Tower attack:


Same with a corner of The Farm that sees Crucible-marked robots being built. Ebenger described them as "whole force of support personnel that help [Shaxx] out and they are trying to rebuild the capability of that group":


Meanwhile, you can also see something named 'the Shard' in the distance, which is one of the landmarks in the European Dead Zone, one of the game's playable areas.

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Ebenger said Bungie is keen to expand on the ways for people to entertain or "draw attention to themselves" in The Farm, allowing them to kill time as their Fireteam finishes up sorting their inventory of checking in on the Cryptarch.

One confirmed activity is a soccer pitch, complete with goals that count your score. It's a nice evolution on the spheres that players could discover and ping round the Tower:


There are also ways to make your Guardian run faster or "add an effect" while in the space. How and where exactly this will play out is currently unknown, though the IGN First video also pauses on certain areas in The Farm while discussing the general idea behind these new activities, such as a water wheel...


...and a weapons-range next to a series of pylons. Perhaps these areas house said activities and secrets?


Perhaps the one true secret found in the beta test of the farm was this disappearing cross. One player found it to the left of the soccer pitch during night hours, and it apparently disappears soon after, with no other explanation. Any ideas on what it could mean?

Finally, less an activity but more a distraction, but there are also chickens roaming around the map:


Sadly, then, we didn't find out a great deal more about The Farm during the brief hands-on during the beta. No news on whether Dead Ghost collectibles will make a return, for instance - but at least there's soccer? And this nice bench?


Between the tease of these activities, and the suggestion the space will evolve with other characters over time, there's a chance we won't know everything about The Farm until the full game is in players' hands.


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