Destiny 2 secrets, Easter Eggs and glitches found so far in the beta - from infinite Supers to the out-of-bounds Lost Sector area

Stuck for things to do in the Destiny 2 beta? Here's things you may have missed.

Destiny 2 secrets and Easter Eggs are things developer Bungie have hidden away in the beta for players to find.

Though there are no collectibles or dedicated Patrol or (currently active) social space in the Destiny 2 beta to push players to search every nook and cranny, both the story mission and Strike harbour a few hidden things to discover.

And as you can imagine, some enterprising players have discovered several Destiny 2 glitches, including the ability to gain infinite Supers, plus and a hidden area to see and (mostly) explore.

Destiny 2 secrets and Easter Eggs discovered so far

Here's what's been found in the Destiny 2 beta so far, and you can them to appear in the final game, too:

Hidden Jukebox playing Paul McCartney - Remember the Hope for the Future theme song from the original game? It makes a surprise appearance in the Homecoming part of the opening mission. Once you reach the Hangar area, head to the doorway you'd usually take to find the Jukebox, and wait outside.

If you stand and listen, you'll hear the jukebox playing a glitched-out version of the song. Here's Alex Woodcock with a video:

Sweeper Bot and deflated ball in the Tower - As you explore the destroyed Tower in opening mission Homecoming, there are several references to fan-favourite characters and objects.

One is a deflated ball - which players could ping around the main courtyard, on the steps in front of where you fend off three waves of enemies alongside Zavala, and the other is a sweeper bot in a corridor following that encounter.

Arc staff combos - When activating the Hunter Arcstrider's Super ability, you can pull off combo attacks by alternating between melee and the shooting button, as well as additional variants in the air. The Destiny sub-Reddit has a full list of combinations.

There's more to do in the Strike - Though there is no Patrol space in the beta, The Inverted Spire allows you to do a little exploring and find other things. For example, you can find a Pike to ride as well as a first glimpse of a Lost Sector (see the Infinite Supers and Lost Sector secret location parts of the glitches section below for these locations).

Those on the Destiny sub-Reddit have also found a way to spawn different enemies - 'storm Minotaurs' - by clearing groups of enemies and bouncing back and forth between launchers. Defeating these unique enemies offers nothing, but we suspect something will occur if you manage it in the final game.

The disappearing X in the Farm - one player posted the following pair of images over the weekend explaining their experience in the Farm, where they found a mysterious cross mark on the ground, to the left of the football pitch. It only appeared at certain times (during the in-game night cycle) and then disappears later on. Is it a bug, with the cross supposed to be there all the time, or maybe a tease, or clue to something bigger? We'll likely find out after launch.

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Destiny 2 glitches discovered so far

And here is a list of things far less intended by Bungie for players to find in the beta.

Lost Sector secret location found - During The Inverted Spire, you can glitch your way into a new out-of-bounds area, by going right along the top of the giant milky-white waterfall at the very start.

It's half built, and requires careful navigation of broken geometry, but it ends at a seemingly inaccessible door, which is suggested to lead to a Lost Sector 'dungeon' that'll appear in Patrol during the final game:

Infinite Supers - This glitch allows you to have your Super active forever. Enacting the glitch requires several steps, and for those who remembered the infinite Super glitch from the first game, this is very similar.

This video from Esoterickk shows each step in detail:

It can only be performed during The Inverted Spire Strike, and requires finding an enemy Pike. Then, activate the Super and immediately leap on the vehicle. If done correctly, the animation will remain. Before you hop off, swap your primary weapon round with another, and back again, and you're good to go.

The return of Infinite Supers also means Sparrow surfing from the original game is also possible, as seen in the above video by YouTube user Eric. It's performed in the same way - if you time it right, as you climb on the Pike perform an emote and your Guardian will climb on top.


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