Devolver's stylish cyberpunk shooter Ruiner gets a release date

Not long!

Devolver's latest hot prospect, Ruiner, comes out 26th September on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The PS4 release date was announced on the European PlayStation Blog but the Ruiner Twitter account has previously said all three versions will arrive at the same time.

Ruiner is a slick, dark, isometric shooter built around a sequenceable dash ability, which lets you zip to multiple points in the blink of an eye, obliterating opponents along the way. On top of that are dizzying array of big guns and melee weapons and upgrades, as well as abilities for manipulating enemies or slowing down time, to name a few.

I watched Ruiner in action at EGX Rezzed earlier this year and was impressed. It's pacey and punchy and dressed up with Unreal Engine 4 cyberpunk flair.

Ruiner is developed by Reikon, a small Polish team set up in 2014 by former Dead Island and Witcher developers.

There's no word yet on a Ruiner price.

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