Destiny 2 will lock your loadout for some endgame activities

And Nightfall now has timer.

Destiny 2 will shake up the series' gameplay by locking down your loadout in some endgame activities and forcing you to complete the tough weekly Nightfall strike before a timer expires.

The new details come from this month's Edge magazine, which boasts an expansive feature on Destiny 2.

In it, Bungie reveals several changes to be seen in the upcoming sequel, alongside the philosophy for doing so.

Both the locking down of your loadout (which will apply to both your gear and subclass in certain activities) and the Nightfall timer are to encourage players to go in with a pre-made plan.

Where Destiny 1 often felt like it was asking players for persistence - where you would throw yourself at an activity over and over until eventually successful - Destiny 2 will ask for planning and skill (and hopefully fewer failed attempts).

Nightfall's timer will vary from mission to mission, but players should expect them to be around the 15-minute mark. This is down considerably on what many will have expected from Destiny 1, and will stop people cheesing Nightfalls by sitting behind rocks and slowly chipping away at a boss' health.

Finally, Destiny 2 will reward players who experiment with energy weapons with an added bonus when fighting enemies carrying elemental shields. Take these down with the right energy weapon and the shields will explode, causing area damage. It's a feature which wasn't available in the recent Destiny 2 beta.

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