Destiny 2 Exotics list - Sunshot, Sweet Business, Riskrunner locations, and every other Exotic we know about so far

Here's the first Exotics we know about and how they work in the Bungie shooter sequel.

Confirmed Destiny 2 Exotics have been increasing in number since the game's reveal earlier in the reveal, with many more being spotted by eagle-eyed players in brief gameplay snippets.

Vanilla Destiny and its expansions offering dozens of Exotics across all weapon types and armour classes, so expect many more to be revealed in the coming months.

We also know how they work, too, and an idea of how rare they will become. In short, we can almost expect a treasure hunt or two to give you cool-looking equipment with one-off perks - much like the original game.

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How Destiny 2 Exotics work

The gameplay reveal of Destiny 2 showcased a new Exotic alongside each playable class - shown in the below gameplay video by Gamer Network's Arekkz - though as with the original Destiny, weapons are class agnostic.

Additionally, you'll also only be able to equip one Exotic weapon or armour at the same time - in short, only one yellow item can be available on each side of the load-out screen.

As well as changes to the way all armour works - increasing agility and damage recovery similar to how sub-classes worked in the original Destiny - Bungie also separately confirmed there are no unique weapon rolls, so each individual weapon will be the same stats as another (so no need to collect several Sunshots - they will all behave the same).

What we don't know is the specific ways you'll unlock new Exotics - whether through quests, through loot drops and / or a vendor such as Xur, or even a mechanic unique to the sequel. They will, however, appear as part of the Destiny 2 beta, which might give us an idea.


As with the original Destiny, it's expected you can only equip on Exotic weapon at a time.

One small tease was an interview with project lead Mark Noseworthy with Game Rant, who suggested Exotics will be somewhere between the randomness of the year 1 Gjallarhorn and the efforts required to unlock the Sleeper Simulant in The Taken King in terms of rarity.

Destiny 2 Exotics Sunshot, Sweet Business and Riskrunner

The following three Exotics are perhaps Destiny 2's best well known, being the first to be revealed for the game and available as part of the Destiny 2 beta.

Their locations in the Destiny 2 beta is fairly straightforward. For each of the starting classes, you'll receive one exclusively as part of the starting Homecoming mission:

  • Hunter - Sunshot
  • Titan - Sweet Business
  • Warlock - Riskrunner

In the final game, it's likely these will be obtainable by every class in the final game. Until then, if you want to give them a spin in the beta, then start again and choose another class. Here's how all three compare:


  • Type: Solar Hand Cannon
  • Description: "Can't outrun the sunrise." - Liu Feng
  • Rounds per minute: 150
  • Magazine: 8
  • Perk: Sunburn - "Explosive rounds. Highlights targets. Targets killed with Sunshot explode in Solar energy."


Sweet Business

  • Type: Kinetic Auto Rifle
  • Description: "...I love my job."
  • Rounds per minute: 360
  • Magazine: 90
  • Perk: Payday - "Large mag. Increased hip fire accuracy. Holding down the trigger boosts this weapon's range and rate of fire, and automatically loads ammo pickups into the magazine."

Sweet Business.


  • Type: Energy Arc Submachinegun
  • Description: "Charge your soul, and let the electrons sing."
  • Rounds per minute: 750
  • Magazine: 40
  • Perk: Arc Conductor - "Taking Arc damage increases weapon power. When Arc Conductor is active, shots fired have the chance to become chain lightning and return ammo."


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Other Destiny 2 Exotics we know about so far

There are plenty of other Exotics we know about so far, some by name and others only by sight.

Borealis: This allows you to change between the three elemental attacks in one weapon, and is a timed PlayStation exclusive.

Coldheart: This Trace Rifle will be a timed exclusive with pre-orders of the game, to be rolled out to all players from December 5th:

It was first revealed an in interesting way, as part of an interview at E3's Coliseum live stream with a replica held by The Big Show:

Meanwhile, there are plenty of other Exotics showing up without names. IGN First showcased what looks like a new auto rifle, scout rifle (or possibly a strange new sniper rifle), which Arekkz Gaming delves into briefly:

Arekkz has also delved into all previously released footage and discovered likely Exotic weapons based on their appearance and other unique qualities, such as the "Dubious Volley" - an Arc Rocket Launcher that shoots a rapid volley of projectiles, named by the community due to its 'Dubious' perks - an Arc Shotgun with power cores that open up at the sides upon firing, as well as the "Gjallarhorn of Grenade Launchers".

There is, of course, Exotic Armour. We've had a more sparing glimpse of these compared to weapons, but the following video from Arekkz points out one for each class, specifically Titan Gauntlets, Hunter Helmet and a Warlock Chest.

As mentioned, there are many more Exotics yet to be revealed for Destiny 2 - we may see more during gamescom, but expect the majority of them to wait until release on September 8 for consoles.


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