Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Oman Au Shrine and Magnesis Trial solution

How to locate and beat the Great Plateau shrine.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Oman Au Shrine is the game's first mini-dungeon, granting you the Magnesis rune as part of the Follow the Shiekah Slate main quest.

If you're after help for parts of the adventure, consult our Zelda: Breath of the Wild walkthrough and guide.

How to get to the Oman Au Shrine

Follow the Old Man to the top of the nearby hill and hear out his advice to check out the shimmering red structure across the way in exchange for the paraglider.


Set off, and take the right route for some more Bokoblin's to hunt. Sneak up on them and dispatch the group to activate the chest on top of the tiny tower nearby, which offers a Traveler's Sword. Continue towards the structure by swimming through the water and climbing up the other side. Use the Shiekah Slate to get inside, adding the waypoint to your map, and opening it up so you can enter.

It's worth nothing if you have the game's DLC, you can find an expansion pass chest to the left of the Shrine, containing a Ruby.

Oman Au Shrine - Magnesis Trial solution

Once down the lift, head to the far left and activate the pedestal with the Shiekah Slate, adding the Magnesis Rune to your inventory.

Point your newly collected Magnesis Rune to the centre of the room to uncover a passage. Drop down, head to the end and go up the steps.


Ahead at the top is a brick wall, with a brick you can move with Magnesis and shift the others out of the way, creating a path onward.

Kill the enemy on the other side of the wall, and head over the metal bridge, onto a central platform and a gap ahead. Turn around, and use Magnesis to move the bridge around to the gap in front of you, allowing you to progress.


Here, you can also grab a Traveler's Bow by picking up the chest on the faraway upper left platform with Magnesis and dropping it at your feet. Open the giant doors ahead - again with Magnesis - to continue.

Examine the forcefield surrounding the throne ahead to complete the Trial, granting you a Spirit Orb.

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Continuing The Isolated Plateau quest

When you leave the Shrine, the Old Man will tell you there are three other Shrines to find before you can paraglide from the Great Plateau. He'll also tell you about fast travel using any blue icon on your map.

Travel to the nearby Great Plateau Tower, and zoom in and idenify the three nearby structures located to the south and south east at:


There's also some more Towers in the far distance, but these are in other districts you don't have access to yet, so ignore them for now. Now it's time to visit all three of these Shrines. The order is up to you, so pick one that takes your fancy and get going!


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