Rainbow Six Siege deploys update to add loot boxes

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Ubisoft is adding loot boxes to Rainbow Six Siege in an update rolling out from today.


Patch 2.1.1. introduces Alpha Packs, a "chance-based loot system". Ubisoft gave players a heads up the blind boxes would be added earlier this year, although they've taken a while to materialise.

PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game will all get the update from today in a "staggered release", Ubisoft explained in a new blog post.

Alpha Packs are designed to provide cosmetic items such as skins, and unknown "exclusive" Legendary-tier items which will be excluse to the loot box system.

All players will get one Alpha Pack when the update lands on their platform.

There's nothing yet which suggests the loot will be gameplay-affecting, although this will likely be something Rainbow Six players keep a close eye on.

Loot boxes in Star Wars: Battlefront 2 look like they will contain gameplay-affecting premium items - something which has divided that game's community.

Ubisoft is currently midway through a three-month technical overhaul of Rainbow Six Siege to tune up the game. The publisher previously pledged to keep Rainbow Six Siege supported with new content for a second year, and a second year season pass was subsequently put on sale.

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