You can study the business of esports at university now

Good Grade.

Want to get into esports but don't have the skills to be a pro? The University of Leicester has a course designed to teach students about the business of esports.

The course, which the university says is the first of its kind, focuses on data and intelligence analysis from esports specialists. The hope is students will have an advantage trying to get a job in the growing esports industry.


This isn't that kind of course.

Jeremy Levesley, Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Leicester Department of Mathematics, who is leading on the development of the course, said: "People learn best when at play, so now more than ever, developing the use of games as a medium for learning is of paramount importance. esports is a very important component of this, as it becomes more popular around the world.

"I am hoping that students will gain commercial awareness of the esports business model, which is one of the fastest growing parts of the gaming economy."

The university is working with esports company ESL to craft the module. James Dean, managing director of ESL UK, said: "As the esports industry grows in the UK, we are keen to establish an ecosystem that is sustainable for the future. A key component to this is training and attracting talent to the number of roles the esports industry provides. The course outlined by the University of Leicester is very exciting for students looking to join the esports industry and we are delighted to support it."

The esports course is a part of the University of Leicester's Master's degree on Data Analysis for Business Intelligence. Fancy it?

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