Pokémon Go Promo Codes - What we could expect from future giveaways and promos

Already available on Android, here's how iOS users can get involved and what freebies we might see.

Pokémon Go Promo Codes are a new feature that teases some promotional opportunities that could be arriving in the game very soon.

Though the ability to redeem codes is already live on Android, suggesting we should see something sooner than later, a single code has yet to be issued.

However, we have an idea of what to expect, going by Niantic's previous augmented reality game Ingress, as well as the tease of free items and existing promotional partnerships.

How do you enter Promo Codes in Pokémon Go?


Promos are only available on Android - so far.

On Android, the process is straightforward; tap the Pokeball menu on the main map screen, then the Shop, and scroll right to the bottom to see an entry field where you can enter the code.

iOS, however, is a different story. You cannot enter codes via the app just yet, and there's a chance you won't be able to, with Apple known to restrict the entry of codes inside apps on its store.

This is what happened with Niantic's previous game Ingress, and so a web-based interface was offered to allow users to redeem codes.

Though Niantic hasn't commented on how it'll work, it's possible the same web-based entry system could apply to Pokémon Go.

What we know about promo codes in Pokémon Go

Though no codes have yet to be distributed, Niantic has acknowledged the feature on its official support site with the following:

"Pokémon GO occasionally offers promotional codes through our partnerships and special events. Promo codes can be used to redeem items such as Poké Balls, Lure Modules, Lucky Eggs, and more."

So where can we expect codes to come from? For one, Niantic has already teamed together with a number of partners so far across the world - such as Sprint and Starbucks in United States, 7-Eleven in Korea and Unibail-Rodamco malls across Europe - for Pokémon Go, and while these collobrations have mostly involved sponsored PokeStops and Gyms (and in the case of Starbucks, a special drink) it's easy to conceive situations where free promo codes being handed out for using their services.

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We can also get some clues from Niantic's other augmented reality game, Ingress, who give out codes direct to players on a regular basis through social media and events. Code provided range from being single use, to being redeemable across multiple accounts - leading to lists being shared on Reddit and pastebin so anyone can use them (though are sometimes later locked after a certain number of uses). Codes are known to handed out from Niantic itself inside encrypted puzzles as well as during official fan gatherings.

As for what the codes will unlock, as quoted above, it appears items available free from PokéStops (specifically PokéBalls) as well as paid-for consumables (Lure Modules and Lucky Eggs) will be made available.

There is also hopes from the community promo codes could be used to obtain more substantial unlocks - such as rare or even legendary Pokémon, but there's nothing yet to support such speculation. Whatever happens, we'll be updating this page with further details on how codes work and how to get them as soon as they are available.


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