Ubisoft reveals new pirate game Skull & Bones

Shiver me timbers!

Ubisoft Singapore is making a new pirate game called Skull & Bones.

A debut trailer details how it grew out of a continuation of the naval combat in Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. But this is more than a 2.0 - this is a whole new game.

Skull & Bones takes place in the Indian Ocean, a shared-world ocean, apparently, and in it you'll be able to play both with friends - fighting off AI pirate hunters and beasties beneath the surface - and against friends, in 5v5 player versus player combat across a variety of modes. You'll choose from a selection of ships and customise them, from a small sloop up to a giant frigate.

The man with 1200 Platinum trophies Hakooma matata. The man with 1200 Platinum trophies

It's a far more detailed and ornate-looking pirate game than, say, Rare's Sea of Thieves. The decks throng with crew members and sails are torn to rags in destructive battles.

Skull & Bones is due out autumn 2018 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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