Far Cry 5 gameplay details: new features, story, setting, characters and everything else we know

Airplanes, expanded co-op, the return of map editor and other details you may have missed.

Far Cry 5 was announced as another returning Ubisoft open-world game alongside Assassin's Creed Origins and The Crew 2 just before E3 2017, and brings the series back to a modern day setting after prehistoric spin-off Far Cry Primal.

It sets out to satirise the rise of the far-right with its representation of fanatics in North West America, as well as introduce a few new mechanics - including airplanes, expanded co-op, and more.

There's a chance we'll hear a lot more during E3 this week, which you can learn more about as part of our E3 schedule guide.

Far Cry 5 gameplay and new features

The first gameplay reveal confirmed a multitude of new features, as well as raising a couple of questions.

New vehicles, including airplanes: Previous games allowed you to explore its huge open worlds by car, quad-bike and boat, as well as hang glider and quad copter. Far Cry 5 is introducing fully-fledged airplanes - with the tease of aerial combat and the ability to land on water with amphibious planes.


If you're keen to continue exploring on the road, first gameplay also revealed American muscle cars and big rig trucks, too.


Animals fighting by your side: Similar to the Guns for Hire mechanic from previous games, allowing someone else to join your side in combat, there is Fangs for Hire, building on Primal's Beast Master mechanics to allow animals - possibly dogs, wolves, cougars and bears - to fight on your side.

Expanded co-op and custom characters: Far Cry 4 introduced co-operative play as part of certain missions, and Far Cry 5 expands this by offering co-op play across all areas of the campaign, allowing you explore and tackle missions with one other friend, with both players able to play with a custom-made character (which can be male or female, and offers a choice of skin colour).


Map Editor returns: There's also the return of the map editor that has appeared throughout the franchise since the second game. Details are few and far between, but expect similar functionality to Far Cry 4, which allowed creations for various modes and Outposts, as well as custom modifiers to tweak inventory settings, enemies and animal types, gravity and more.

Will towers return? It's currently unknown whether the staples recent Far Cry games - climbing towers and reclaiming outposts to uncover and conquer the map, hunting and skinning animals to create upgrades - are making a comeback, but with a similar open-world setting and creative use of animals, weapons and vehicles will be ever-present, it wouldn't surprise us if something along these lines will feature.

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Far Cry 5 setting, story and characters

The game's fictional setting of Hope Country is based on modern day Montana (and not in the Wild West, as rumours once suggested), an area known for national parks and Rocky Mountains.

Gameplay shows us a few locations, such as a quiet town, a football field, lush forests, mountains and lakes, with fishing and hunting shown as local activities (whether you'll be getting upto the former yourself is unknown).

The ability to create a custom-made protagonist means it's unknown whether you'll be given a central character with a name or thorough backstory, though it's said you'll be a junior deputy sent to arrest Joseph, the head of a religious cult known as Eden's Gate - think of him as the Vaas or Pagin Min of this game - as well as his family (named Jacob, John and Faith). Naturally, things are a little more difficult than planned, so you'll need some help.


Joseph, taking centre stage.

We already know about some of these allies - including "Pastor Jerome, a gun-toting man of the cloth, and Mary May, landlord of a bar who's stuffed all her spirit bottles with rags for an impromptu arsenal of molotov cocktails", according to the game's reveal. You can take a closer look at them with the below videos:

It'll also be interesting to know whether it follows other Far Cry games. There are no characters so far confirmed to carry over between games, but it wouldn't surprise us if there isn't some sort of connection. You can watch our video on how the Far Cry games are connected below:

Far Cry 5 release date

Far Cry 5 forgoes the end-of-year arrivals of previous mainline titles for a schedule similar to Far Cry Primal, with a release date of February 27, 2018 on PS4, Xbox One (and their upgraded counterparts Pro and Scorpio) as well as PC.

You can buy Deluxe and Gold Editions, though the exact differences are unknown - we'd suspect additional content and maybe a code for a season pass (yet to be confirmed). The PS4 version will also get some bonus content thanks to a PlayStation marketing deal.


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