The next Overwatch map takes us to the moon

"Through the miracle of science!"

The next Overwatch map 'Horizon Lunar Colony' is set on the moon, the original home of Winston, the game's friendly gorilla scientist. What a great sentence that was to type.

Playable on the PTR as of right now, Horizon Lunar Colony is an Assault Map, which means the attacking team will need to claim two capture points consecutively. Although the Overwatch team toyed with the idea of including low gravity throughout the entire map, said Jeff Kaplan in his latest developer update, they decided to limit this feature to a single flanking route near the first point.

There's also meant to be plenty of contextual storytelling to discover, particularly in reference to our favourite gorilla-shaped hero and his former mentor, Dr Harold Winston. It's not entirely clear what happened to the colony, but at some point, its test subjects rebelled against the scientists residing there and Winston hasn't been back since.

It'll be worth playing a few rounds with him in your team, we reckon, just to hear some of the voice lines that are triggered as a result.

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