Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Shrines of Trials, how to get Shrine Orbs for Heart Containers

Our ongoing explainer to finding and solving Breath of the Wild's many puzzle rooms.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Shrines are small puzzle rooms that are scattered throughout the game's world.

Introduced at the start of the game as a means to unlock Runes - special abilities Link can use to manipulate objects to solve puzzles - they later reward Link with Spirit Orbs, which can be traded in for permanent Stamina and Heart Container or Heart Piece upgrades.

While considered optional, visiting them will make your quest go much smoother, and are home to some of the best challenges in the game - so be sure to take the time to visit as many as you can.

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Shrine locations in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

There are many Shrines throughout the game (over 100!) with most regions containing a handful each. You can spot them from a distance by their characteristic red glow - similar to the Towers that sprout up throughout the land, but closer to the ground.

Of course, some are harder to find than others, and accessing them can prove to be a puzzle within itself.


Furthermore, each one will reward a Spirit Orb by their conclusion - used to trade for permanent Heart Containers and Stamina upgrades, which you can read about later in this article - as well as bonus Treasure, some of which is exclusive.

Here's the ones we've found so far - expect updates to this in the coming weeks as we explore Hyrule's massive world.

Great Plateau region:

Dueling Peaks region:

Hateno region:

Lanayru region:

Faron region:

Eldin and Death Mountain region:

Woodland region:

Ridgeland region:

Tabantha region:

Wasteland region:

Lake region:

Central region:

More soon!


Shrines often make use of runes or other abilities in Link's arsenal.

How to trade Spirit Orbs for Heart Containers

Although you can cook new recipes to give you temporary Heart Containers and Stamina boosts, by collecting Spirit Orbs you can increase their gauges.

As you'll see when you complete The Isolated Plateau quest when visiting the Temple of Time, you can trade in Spirit Orbs for Heart Containers at statues throughout the world.


Some villages will have a statue you can pray at, such as Kakariko Village, so warp to your favourite and visit and you'll be given the option to upgrade either.


Thankfully, the choice isn't permanent. There is a special statue at Hateno Village that can allow you to transfer your Hearts to Stamina, and vise versa, at a 20 Rupee cost.

This is particularly useful when it comes to collecting the Master Sword, which requires a certain number of Hearts, and so transferring your spare Stamina - even temporarily - over to your Heart gauge can come in useful.


To find this statue, head to Hateno Village's Firly Pond to the south west.

You can also get a Heart Container from completing each of the four Divine Beasts, so playing just these main quests will give you upgrades too.

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Other things to know about Shrines of Trials in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • Shrines have three colour schemes available. Pure red means it's unvisited and unsolved; half blue and half red means it's visited and an active fast travel point, but unsolved (which is usefully represented on the map) and pure blue is visited and completed.
  • Beyond giving you a Spirit Orb, the best reason to visit a Shrine is to add it as a fast travel location on your map. Even if you don't finish the Shrine - maybe you don't fancy doing it there and then, or can't work out its solution - going in and out will add it to your map regardless, so always pay a visit whenever you see one.
  • As well as a Spirit Orb or Rune to collect, there is usually a treasure chest to find along the way. These tend to be just off the beaten path, so keep an eye out for distant platforms and other routes to take as you are exploring.
  • Some Shrines have Shrine Quests attached. In most cases you'll need to start and complete these in order to start the Shrine, and we'll discuss these within each individual Shrine page.


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