FIFA 17 played on three monitors is a beautiful game

Theatre of dreams.

Most people play FIFA on one screen. Not redditor fahdriyami. He got the game up and running on three monitors - and the result is pretty impressive.

Fahdriyami used AMD's Eyefinity multi-display technology to get the PC version of FIFA 17 working on three monitors, and made the video, below, to show off how it plays.

While the tech works (the bezels don't cover any part of the game, for example) there are some issues. The mini-map appears on the right-hand screen for some reason, and the player indicators don't show up, which is a bit of a problem.

There's no option to lock the camera, either so the ball will always be in the centre screen, Fahdriyami said. This means when you're playing FIFA 17 with three monitors it's hard to use the second and third screen for anything other than peripheral vision. Still, if you've got a PC beefy enough to run FIFA 17 in a high resolution (Fahdriyami runs it at 5760x1080) and a few screens lying about, it's probably worth making your own theatre of dreams for an evening.

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