Watch: We play around with a very expensive Mass Effect toy

Hard-hitting games journalism.

If you buy the collector's edition of Mass Effect: Andromeda (fair warning: it'll set you back 250), you'll get your hands on a remote-controlled Nomad. It's got a camera on the front, can be controlled using your phone and I think it's quite a cool toy. Am I allowed to say that? It's expensive and daft, but yeah, it's a good toy.


It's not so great at steps.

Anyway! EA sent us one of them and we didn't really know what to do with it. GameSpot had already done an unboxing video and driven it around in their fancy San Francisco office, so we couldn't just do that. Also, I'm worried their office is a bit nicer than ours.

So Ian Higton and I took it to the beach. I could try to justify that decision as a test of the Nomad's handling of difficult terrain, but I won't. We just wanted to play with an expensive RC car and do some wicked cool jumps. Here's how we got on.

Johnny Chiodini just told me he thinks this video is something called a 'boondoggle', which I'd recommend googling if you haven't heard before. Brutal.

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