Alert: Do not apply a vinyl skin or wrap to your Nintendo Switch

It will apparently ruin it.

Do not apply a vinyl skin or wrap to your lovely new Nintendo Switch. The surface of the console and Joy-Cons reacts badly to the adhesive, causing the outer coating and logos to peel off.

Dbrand, a prominent skin manufacturer, nobly brought the issue to light. It had been testing Switch consoles - one pre-release and 10 retail units - prior to skin production.

"We're here to make a public service announcement that under no circumstances should you be buying a vinyl skin / wrap for your Nintendo Switch," wrote dbrand on the Switch subeddit, where it has understandably become something of a hero.

"Both the Joy-Cons and the console are not compatible with vinyl wraps or any adhesive-backed skin of any kind."


Yay! Phwoar. Looks a bit like a cake...


Oh, hang on...

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Oh no.

Dbrand added: "This is really quite unfortunate, not just because we were going to make a ton of money from this console, but moreso because it genuinely did look dope with a skin."

Dbrand will refund anyone who pre-ordered a Switch skin with it.

Jolly good show, dbrand.

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