Watch: Ian celebrates the best gingers in video games

Red head redemption.

Next week sees the launch of Guerilla's much anticipated open-world game, Horizon Zero Dawn. When I first saw Horizon in action a couple of things instantly caught my eye. Obviously the giant robo-dinosaurs were a big selling point, but it was the hair colour of protagonist Aloy that really appealed to me.

As the owner of a bright ginger beard, it's always nice to see fellow redheads in video games, especially if they are in the lead role. So, using Aloy as inspiration, I decided to track down as many video game gingers as possible - as it turns out, there are a lot more than you'd expect.

From the classic carrot top through to blood-red braids, I tried to cover the whole colour spectrum of ginger hair and I came up with some interesting results.

Quite a few patterns emerge when you take a close look at the design process of ginger characters. For instance, many ginger characters are imbued with the power to control fire, whilst a large majority of end of game bosses, somewhat unfairly, sport paprika coloured hair. Check them out in the video below!

Do you have a favourite ginger character that i missed off the list? Do let me know in the comments below so I can read it and feel bad about it at a later date.

Have a great weekend!

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