Final Fantasy 15 Timed Quest - How to beat 100 Cactuar and Slactuar targets

The first Timed Quest can easily see you overwhelmed - here's what you should bring to the fight.

Final Fantasy 15 Timed Quests are a new feature to the game added as part of the February 60fps PS4 Pro update, introducing new hunts and activities to the game for only a short amount of real-world time.

The first Timed Quest has you fight 100 Cactuar and Slactuars in one continuous battle. Without a strategy it's easy to get pushed over, but provided you prepare some decent area of effect attacks, then you'll walk away with some excellent rewards.

How do you start the first Final Fantasy 15 Timed Quest?


Details of the first Timed Quest.

10,000 EXP
333 AP
150,000 Gil
Oracle Ascension Coin x2

Active: Chapter 1 Onward
Finishing date: Unknown

Location: Head to south Duscae, west of the Causcherry Plains base. There is a crater next to the base; you want to head south, towards a tower. There's no need to activate anything within a menu; simply head to the waypoint to begin the Timed Quest.


Go here to start the Timed Quest...


...and visit the waypoint at the base of the tower.

How to beat 100 Cactuar and Slactuar targets in Final Fantasy 15's first Timed Quest

This first Timed Quest has you face off against a total of 100 Cactuar and Slactuar targets, which are some of the more elusive enemies in the game.

While you'll only face 10 or so at a time, you will very quickly get overwhelmed by needle attacks and status-changing effects one after another, rendering you confused and unable to fight, flee or really do much else.

Between wanting to avoid that, and also to deal with their many numbers at once, the strategy then is to keep your distance and use large area of effect attacks.

We specifically recommend strong magic attacks (single cast or Ice or Lightning is fine, since their health is reasonably low, but don't use Fire, which it'll absorb) and Gladious's Impulse technique, which will cause a shockwave that can take out multiple enemies at once.

Both of these types of attacks should clear each wave, and it's possible to alternate between them one after another, especially since your Tech bar will be filling reasonably fast with the amount of attacks your party will be incurring.


Cactuar and Slactuar absorb Fire, so don't use it.

These attacks will also allow you to keep your distance. Of course enemies will come running up to you, so warp around the battlefield as much as you can, or warping on top of a boulder in the middle of the battlefield if you need some respite.

With the sheer numbers against you, you can still expect Noct and the rest of the party to go down a handful of times. Having some Mega Phoenix items to revive the party will come in handy, as well as Mega Potions - though these will drop thick and fast from each defeated wave, so don't worry about how to come readily stocked.

Though Cactuars are also weak to Daggers, you won't be wanted to get too up close and personal aside to finish off individual low health creatures. Armiger effects are also useful for taking out a few, but again, concentrate on keeping your distance and using area of effect attacks and you'll be done within about 10 to 15 minutes.


Impulse will make things a lot easier.

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The rewards for finishing are excellent - 150,000 gil and 333AP alone make it worth it, and while the 10,000 EXP seems low on the face of it, you also get a large amount of EXP per Cactuar kill (we walked away with over 100,000 EXP by the end) as well as many, many Remedy, Hi Potions and Mega Potion items.

Though you'll only get the rewards once, the EXP from killing enemies makes it a handy grinding spot, especially if you combine it with an EXP boosting meal and a luxury hotel afterwards, which our fast EXP page will explain in greater detail.


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