Street Fighter 5's Critical Arts look Super different without the cinematic camera angle

Let's do it again!

Strip away the cinematic camera angles from Street Fighter 5's Critical Art super moves and they look very different indeed.

The video below, from Nelson's TAS and Game Archive, depicts the fighting game's super moves without the in-game cinematic camera activated.

So, we see Critical Arts from the likes of Rashid, Mika and Laura from a fixed, side-on perspective, with the camera panned back quite a way because some of the supers take to the skies (Vega's, for example).

It's weird for me to see the supers like this, mainly because I'm so used to seeing them as Capcom intended. But it's also cool to get a glimpse behind the curtain at how Street Fighter 5 actually works as it's running. As we can see, perspective is everything with these attacks. Smoke and mirrors and all that!

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