The best PS4 deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016

All the best PS4, PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim bargains in one place.

Black Friday 2016 is now over, but the march of discounts continues. We're into the final battle now, though: Cyber Monday. Although it's less tech-focused and generally smaller-scale than the Black Friday sales, it's enough of an event that the main retailers like Amazon, Argos and John Lewis keep some specific deals and offers in readiness for it. As with Black Friday, we're keeping an eye on the bargains as they're posted and will be updating this page with the best that we find.

Sony has been the big winner of the Black Friday period, with some really strong deals surfacing over the last week or so, and you're still spoiled for choice when it comes to getting a new PS4 Slim - the list below has just about every possible flavour. PS4 Pro remains rarer in bargain form, although there are a couple of half-decent bundles.

If you do bag yourself a PS4 Pro, you'll want a 4K TV to get the most out of it - so keep an eye on our list of the best 4K TV Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals too. Although make sure you've got a sack of money to hand, obviously.

Best PS4 UK Console Deals for Black Friday Weekend and Cyber Monday 2016

Tesco is still the place with the best PS4 Black Friday deal that we've found: a PS4 500GB Slim with Uncharted 4, Titanfall 2, Mafia III, FIFA 17, Dishonored 2 and Battlefield 1 for £279.99 when you add all those items to your basket.

In terms of other deals, if you're interested in Final Fantasy 15 and don't have a PlayStation 4 yet, you can get both, as well as a copy of FIFA 17 and Uncharted 4, for a cool £219.99 on Amazon.

If you want a bit more, Zavvi has a PS4 Slim 500GB Uncharted 4 Console Bundle plus FIFA 17, DOOM, Fallout 4 for £229.99. If you're after the extra hard drive space you can get a PS4 1TB Slim with Uncharted 4, Ratchet and Clank and DriveClub for just £239.99, or John Lewis has a 1TB version with Call of Duty (including Modern Warfare Remastered) for £229.99.

If you only have £200 to spend, good news! GAME has aPS4 500GB Slim with Overwatch Origins Edition, Ratchet and Clank and NOW TV for £199.99, or a PS4 500GB Slim with Uncharted 4, FIFA 17 and NOW TV also for £199.99.

If you're looking for the UK's cheapest PS4 bundle, we reckon it's the PS4 500GB Slim with Call of Duty Infinite Warfare on eBay for £189.00. If you want an extra game, another fiver gets you Zavvi's PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB with Uncharted 4 and FIFA 17 for £194.99.

Here are the other best console deals:

Best PS4 UK Games Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016

A handful of this year's biggest titles have already seen massive reductions on Black Friday, and many of those have endured into Cyber Monday. Here are the best deals we've found right now.

Below are all the other available deals:


Best PS4 US Deals

Consoles and bundles

It's challenge finding a decent PS4 bundle under $249, but Best Buy is the, er, best buy right now. A PS4 500GB Slim with Uncharted 4 and COD Legacy Edition (using VISA checkout) is yours for just $224.99. Meanwhile on eBay you can pick up a PS4 Slim 500GB with Uncharted 4 + Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection + Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20th Anniversary Edition for $249.99.

Other console deals include:


PlayStation 4 games

As in the UK, there are plentiful offers which have held on through the Black Friday period - so if you managed to resist some clandestine shopping over the holiday, there's still time to get something good with a few dollars off.

Today's Best Deals

The rest of the US deals so far


Best PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim Deals

The new PS4 Pro offers an extra slice of console and some noticeably better-looking in-game visuals compared to its predecessor. It's also confirmed to come at a reasonable price point - because it's brand new, discounts for the console on its own are unlikely but you can certainly look forward to some tempting bundles to try and convince you to upgrade.

The PS4 Pro is joined by the PS4 Slim, which it turns out is a much more significant improvement than you might think. The biggest bargains are likely to be for the Slim as it takes over as the standard model for PS4 purchases. Expect some decent games, too - the likes of Uncharted 4, The Nathan Drake Collection and Bloodborne are all platform hits now running a little long in the tooth, and thus ripe for seasonal discounts.

Looking for Xbox savings as well? We've got you covered with our guide to the very best Xbox One discounts available on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016.

After something tech related or something not necessarily in the gaming category? Check out the Jelly Deals Black Friday Deals 2016 list for loads of other great bargains.

Quick links to UK retailers with the biggest deals:

If you're coming from the US, try these sites:

Given that 4K is now very much on the market with the release of the PS4 Pro, Black Friday will be a fantastic opportunity to nab a big discount on 4K TVs. If you are looking for a 4K TV set and are also a PS4 owner, it'd be worth considering a 4K Bluray Player as well. Current PS4s (including the Pro) do not have the abillity to play these incredibly high bitrate discs. 4K TVs are going to be one of the hottest products this Black Friday, and the Bluray players are going to be no different.

Interested in even more deals? We've put together lots of smaller categories of deals below:

What is Black Friday?

Chances are that you've heard of Black Friday by now. Maybe you've read stories about the event on the news, or you're noticing friends and family putting off any large purchases, mentioning that they're about to become a lot cheaper very soon due to Black Friday. Born in US retail stores, the occasion has become the biggest online shopping day of the year - shops, both online and brick-and-mortar, slice prices to stand out in the Thanksgiving holiday rush. These aren't like normal sales, you can expect incredibly expensive products being heavily discounted just for one day (along with a few cheapo products that retailers shift to bargain-crazed buyers during the rush).


Black Friday sales have been around for a long time and it looks like they're here to stay.

It started as a relatively small event localised in Philadelphia, USA and has grown to be a sales monster that occurs every year. It's even grown to defy its name, since it's no longer relegated to being just one day. Over time, the idea caught on across America until it became a nationwide extravaganza, when the vast majority of citizens would know that there would be some insanely cheap products available for one day only.

The annual event grew to be such a spectacle that many in-store openings on Black Fridays gone by have resulted in riot-like pandemonium and injuries. There's always something to be said for a good deal or a big saving, but Black Friday has definitely shown us the lengths that people will go to in order to get those savings.

Thankfully, over the last few years, the Black Friday phenomenon has spread out as an online event across the US and UK as well, meaning you won't have to trample a senior citizen in order to get your fancy new TV for half price - you'll just need to be quick in your internet browser.

We're going to be keeping our eyes peeled for the best deals around in the run up to Black Friday. When we find deals that we think are particularly fantastic or at the very least, pretty alright, we'll be posting them here. You'll be able to follow one of the very fancy links in this article to check out the deals we've cobbled together to show off. We'll be updating these pages as new deals come in, so keep checking back for more.


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