Pokémon Go Halloween event update - Candy increases explained and which spooky Pokémon appear more often

What spooky Pokémon you'll encounter and other benefits this Halloween.

Pokémon Go enters its first October and it looks like the game is going to celebrate seasonal events. Pokémon Go's Halloween event update not only gives players a chance to catch more spooky Pokémon - which is the first time developer Niantic has tweaked Pokémon spawns, outside of Pokémon Go Nest changes - but it'll also increase Pokémon Go Candy drops across the board.

It's all undoubtedly a bid to get players pulling out their smartphones as they go trick or treating, but regardless of whether you're making the effort to go out this Halloween, it's a chance to stock up on those lucrative Candies.

Pokémon Go Halloween event update - When does it end?

The event is live now, starting on Wednesday, October 26 and will finish on Tuesday, November 1. While the exact time has yet to be disclosed, it is likely to end at the same time the Halloween event started - at 00:01am UK time.

Pokémon Go Halloween event update - What's different?

Two major changes are coming to the game as part of the Halloween event update:

1) Increased Pokémon spawns of certain creatures. Expect to see more of the following Pokémon while out and about:

  • Cubone *
  • Drowzee
  • Gastly
  • Gengar
  • Golbat
  • Haunter
  • Hypno
  • Marowak *
  • Meowth *
  • Zubat

* While not listed officially by Niantic, players are reporting we are seeing more of these out in the wild too.

While we're pleased to see more Gengars (the last evolution in the Gastly chain, and a rare creature to see out in the wild) who can say they're excited about more Drowzees and Zubats, eh?

2) Increased Candy drops. In short, it's double drops apart from with Buddy Pokémon, which has 4x the drops, but to break it down clearer:

Candy sourceMultiplierCandy earned
Catching Pokémon2x6 Candy (instead of 3)
Transferring Pokémon2x2 Candy (instead of 1)
Egg Hatching2x2km Egg - Approximately 20 Candy (instead of 10)
5km Egg - Approximately 40 Candy (instead of 20)
10km Egg - Approximately 60 Candy (instead of 30)
Buddy Pokémon4xDistances dropped - now 0.25km (1km), 0.75km (3km), 1.25km (5km)
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What else you should know about Pokémon Go's Halloween event update

  • The increased Candy drops is by far the best thing about this update. As our Pokémon Go Candy explainer discusses, catches are the fastest way to get more Candy, which is a shame when we'll be encountering more 'common' Pokémon like Drowzee and Zubat. That said, Candy is a key component in getting fast XP in Pokémon Go, and while this ideally involves cheap to evolve creatures like Pidgey, Weedle and Caterpie, it could work with these too. And make sure you transfer as many unwanted Pokémon as you can before the event ends, too.
  • Even if you encounter spooky Pokémon you don't want on your travels this Halloween, the 4x Buddy Pokémon drop is a great way to quickly evolve Rare Pokémon. The system is designed so you only have to catch a single Pokémon in order to (gradually) level it up, so Buddy up with starters, a Dratini or anything else you want to power up or evolve before the event ends.
  • Similarly, Eggs are a good source of Candy, and it's probably worth priortising 2km Eggs (and investing in a few extra Incubators) to make it worth your while.
  • While the spooky Pokémon above are somewhat common anyway, it could be a good chance to build up your Medals and improve those Catch Bonuses, especially for Psychic, Ghost and Poison types.

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