Destiny - Iron Medallion locations for Rise of Iron's Beauty in Destruction Quest

Here's every collectible to see you on the way to getting the Gjallarhorn.

As part of getting your Gjallarhorn in Destiny: Rise of Iron, you have to find Iron Medallion locations in the Beauty in Destruction Quest, which is essentially a collectible hunt (mostly) through The Plaguelands Patrol area.

While they are in specific locations, and appear on your screen when you get close enough, it helps to be pointed in the right direction, so here's screengrabs where each one is positioned to speed things along.

Since you're in Patrol, it's worth picking up some Bounties and completing Patrol missions along the way, and you could even do some of the Rise of Iron's Khvostov Quest if you're at the specific Patrol step to save on time.

Happy hunting!

Iron Medallion locations for the 'Beauty in Destruction' Quest

There are a total of seven Iron Medallions to find - six in The Plaguelands Patrol, one in Felwinter Peak - and can be collected in any order you choose:

  • Felwinter Peak
  • Lords' Watch
  • Bunker Triglav
  • Giant's Husk
  • Forgotten Pass
  • The Archeon's Keep
  • Site 6

Iron Medallion locations in Felwinter Peak

Felwinter Peak Iron Medallion location -
Just above the Bounty board is a path up the mountain side. Take a few leaps up and the medallion will be there.


Take a few leaps up to make the Felwinter Peak medallion yours.

Iron Medallion locations in The Plaguelands

Lords' Watch Iron Medallion location -
This is in a cabin on the right as soon as you spawn into the Plaguelands Patrol.


The Lords' Watch medallion is sitting on a shelf.

Bunker Triglav Iron Medallion location -
If you are entering from the Lords' Watch, go to the building on the right (in the direction of the gun placements in the main story mission) and go to the left side on the second level, where it'll be in the corner.


Find this medallion on the second floor in the Bunker Triglav building.

Giant's Husk Iron Medallion location -
It's among the containers in the area high above. To get there, find the cave in the right corner as soon as you enter, climb up the ledges, and once you're up top, it's on the right side.


If you've done the Bad Blood mission, you'll know where to go for the Giant's Husk medallion.

Forgotten Pass Iron Medallion location -
This is the area between Archeon's Keep and Bunker Triglav, and the Medallian is positioned at the end of the bridge.


The Forgotten Past medallion is at the bottom left of this screen.

The Archeon's Keep Iron Medallion location -
This is round the corner from the entrance to Archeon's Forge, outside and on the high slope.


The Archeon's Keep medallion is close to where you enter the Forge.

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Site 6 Iron Medallion location -
Head to same room where you had to use the Splicer Key to progress earlier in the questline. The Medallion is to the left, in the corner by the pipes.


Delve into Site 6 to find the medallion in the corner.

Once you've found every Iron Medallion, you finish the 'Beauty in Destruction' Quest and will pick up the next part of the 'Echoes of the Past' Quest, a story mission named 'A Symbol of Honor'. Read our page on how to get Year 3 Gjallarhorn by completing Echoes of the Past to find out the remaining Quest steps, including a handy way to finish the final mission solo.


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