Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 Pro will have "native 4K" from day one

1080p users will get "increased graphical fidelity", too.

The Elder Scrolls Online will make use of PlayStation Pro via a patch from day one, 10th November 2016. Bethesda said the online fantasy game will be "immediately playable in native 4K resolution" from then.

Interesting, the mention of "native 4K", because Digital Foundry said PS4 Pro lacked the grunt to achieve native 4K, and that it used a very effective upscaling technique instead.

But the PS4 Pro benefits to ESO won't be limited to 4K TV owners. Bethesda said people using 1080p screens will get "increased graphical fidelity" as well.

"Since the game was originally designed for a wide range of PC specifications, Zenimax Online Studios was able to scale up the presentation alongside the scaled up power of the PlayStation 4 Pro," said Bethesda.

There's a trailer of The Elder Scrolls Online running in 4K embedded in this article, which you'll need a 4K screen to properly appreciate.

Digital Foundry's Richard Leadbetter wrote a detailed PlayStation 4 Pro preview yesterday, having spent three hours with Sony's new machine.

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