Destiny Moments of Triumph - A Blade Reborn, how to get Exotic Sword

How to get an Exotic Sword, every Calcified Fragment and more.

UPDATE September 20th, 2016: With the launch of Destiny: Rise of Iron, Year 2 of Moments of Triumph is officially over. Hopefully you got to rank 5 and earned yourself one of those exclusive shirts! We're keeping these pages live to help those playing The Taken King's many challenging Quests, otherwise be sure to read our Destiny; Rise of Iron guides, tips and tricks for everything you need to know about the next expansion.

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Destiny Moments of Triumph - A Blade Reborn, for how to get an Exotic Sword
How to get The Taken King's much sought-after Legendary and Exotic Swords.

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Moments of Triumph: A Blade Reborn (how to get Exotic Sword)

The only Exotic questline you need to complete as part of Year 2's Moments of Triumph, this has you forge an Exotic sword in an element of your choosing. Before you begin, though, you need to get the Legendary variant of the sword first.

A Broken Will, Hadium Flake farming

First, complete the game's main story missions (required as part of The Plays the Thing Moment of Triumph) and the subsequent Dread Patrol mission to unlock the 'A Broken Will' quest. If it doesn't unlock, also make sure you are level 40, and have collected at least one Calcified Fragment, which should help.

Visit Eris in the Tower for the first part of the quest, which has you collect 25 Hadium Flakes and 10 Motes of Light to unlock the next step.

Hadium Flakes are a collectable found within chests throughout the Dreadnaught. The easiest way to farm these is playing in Patrol. There are a handful in the opening Hull Breach area, with one inside the room below where you start (drop down to the left, and turn around) and more against the far right wall, both out in the open and in the rooms before you head down the passages to the Mausoleum and Hall of Souls areas. As with all chests, these appear at random and won't re-appear for a short time, so boot out of the Patrol once you've collected as many as you can find in a single run, then re-enter to make more re-appear, until you get all 25.

Motes of Light are the easier of the two to collect. Post Level 40, they'll drop every time you reach the end of your experience bar, and are rewards for many game activities, from Strikes to Crucible matches. If you need a top up, and have some Strange Coins burning a hole in your pocket, you can trade them with weekly vendor Xur for two apiece.


Return to Shaxx, and you'll have your choice of the Arc Edge, Sol Edge and Void Edge. The purchase requires Helium Filaments, Spinmetal or Relic Iron respectively, which you can farm from the game's various planets (see the next step on where's best to find these) or purchase from vendors like those in the Tower's Crucible area - and then level it up to above 280 attack by infusing it with other Special weapons to unlock the Exotic part of the quest. If it doesn't, then unlock all the nodes on teh sword too, which might also help trigger the next phase.

A Sword Reforged, Rare Planetary Materials farming

Once you have infused your Arc Edge, Sol Edge or Void Edge to attack level 280 or above, questline 'A Sword Reforged' will unlock from Shaxx. The road to finally getting your hands on an Exotic sword is a long one:

First is Honing the Edge. This has you use your newly unlocked sword on certain enemies out in the wild and on players in the Crucible. The 50 Major Kills is best achieved alongside other Moments of Triumph objectives or story missions you need to complete (Ultra kills count as 5, so take down big bosses with the sword where you can), while 25 Crucible Kills is actually easier than you think, since hilt kills count; you might have to throw away a few Crucible matches to get this part of the quest done easily, but basically, you need to pounce on enemies from round a corner - since they'll flee if they see you holding a sword - and then hack away. The hilt takes a few strikes to take someone down, but if you catch your foe by surprise, it's fairly easy to get kills this way.

Next up is Blade of Night, which first has you go to The Founts and take down three Knights on the way to The Asylum area to kill Ecthar. (To get there, from the Mausoleum, drop down, turn right then right again). All three must be killed within ten seconds, so get their health down as low as you can, then wipe them out in quick succession, ideally with a Super. The door will then open, but if it doesn't, leave the area and come back to try again. Once inside The Asylum, wipe out all the enemies bar Ecthar, then approach him with your sword, which is the only way to drop his shield. He's powerful up close, so be cautious and keep retreating when your health gets low.

Then, you need to complete the Essential Elements step. There are two parts to this - collecting 10 Rare Planetary Materials, and performing 500 Ability Kills - both of which are a bit of a grind. Stick on a podcast and spare an hour or two to get through this next step...

  • 10 Rare Planetary Materials: These Rare Planetary Materials will drop at random as you collect the associated materials of the sword type. If you need a refresher on this then check out our farming materials page from our original Destiny Guide, but in short, you need to roam around in Patrol and collect the resources out in the wild, and not from Chests.

    While resources spawn in pre-set locations, they aren't guaranteed to appear each time you revisit an area, so it's worth just looping from one place to the next, then seeing if it has appeared again next time. Remember to equip a Ghost levelled up to show resource you're after far easier. If you don't own one, then take a visit to one of the Tower vendors, such as Shaxx, who might sell you one for the element you need.

    The resources you need and where to find them:

    Arc Edge: You need to farm Helium Filaments, which are found on the Moon.
    Sol Edge: You need to farm Spinmetal, which are found on Earth.
    Void Edge: You need to farm Relic Iron, which are found on Mars.
  • Ability Kills: You need to perform Ability kills - in short melee, grenade and Super attacks - that are the same element as the sword you're trying to upgrade (so Arc, Solar or Void). It might be good to do this at this at the same time as farming for those Rare Materials, otherwise, chip away at it as you complete other Moments of Triumph challenges and you should get most of the way through without realising.

Once done, speak to Lord Shaxx, and then wait until the next Armsday (which resets every Wednesday) to trigger the final part of the quest.

Sealing the Blade, defeating Darkblade in under 30 seconds

To complete this final part of the quest, you need to play a special version of the Sunless Cell Strike, which adds elemental Warden of Oryx knights as well as the usual Alak-Hul the Darkblade boss, with the added task of defeating both within 30 seconds. It's best to go in as high light level as possible, so you can survive for longer and output as much damage as you can.

When you get to the boss battle, identify the Warden of Oryx that matches the element of your sword. You can tell by the colour of their shields, but if in doubt, these are:

  • Arc Edge: Thracu, Warden of Oryx
  • Sol Edge: Adleg, Warden of Oryx
  • Void Edge: Heolstor, Warden of Oryx

Now, clear the room of the other knights, and get the corresponding knight and the Darkblade's health down as much as you can, but don't kill them. When you're ready, kill the knight first, then the Darkblade shortly after - within 30 seconds - to complete the quest.

Once done, return to Shaxx in the Tower to complete this quest and receive one of three Exotic Swords, depending on what elemental path you chosen.

  • Having Arc Edge will unlock Bolt-Caster
  • Having Sol Edge will unlock Raze-Lighter
  • Having Void Edge will unlock Dark-Drinker


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