Destiny Moments of Triumph - Return to the Reef, Challenge of the Elders

How to get an Exotic Sword, every Calcified Fragment and more.

UPDATE September 20th, 2016: With the launch of Destiny: Rise of Iron, Year 2 of Moments of Triumph is officially over. Hopefully you got to rank 5 and earned yourself one of those exclusive shirts! We're keeping these pages live to help those playing The Taken King's many challenging Quests, otherwise be sure to read our Destiny; Rise of Iron guides, tips and tricks for everything you need to know about the next expansion.

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Destiny Moments of Triumph - Return to the Reef, Challenge of the Elders
How to complete the newly-added April update activities.

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As part of The Taken King's April update, Destiny received new PvE content, including new Prison of Elders modes, a Light level increase to 335 and new Strike 'Blighted Chalice'.

Alongside those are two new quest lines - 'At the Gates' and 'Return to the Prison' - which act as a natural way to discover April expansion's new content.

If you have trouble unlocking the opening missions to these quests, make sure you complete the main The Taken King missions (which you have to play anyway as part of another Moments of Triumph entry, The Plays the Thing) and subsequent mission Dread Patrol, which unlocks the ability to Patrol the Dreadnaught.


Return to the Reef​: Complete the April quests 'At the Gates' and 'Return to the Prison'

At the Gates: You start this chain with Variks, who asks you to complete the 'Pretender of the Throne' mission on the Dreadnaught. This can be a surprisingly tough mission, so ideally do it with a friend. Remember that you don't have to kill Malok as part of completing it, so hang back and take on the Taken forces as they come - followed by the 'They Can Run' objective, which is simply killing Taken anywhere else in the game and collecting the Echoes of Malok items they drop. To save time, it might be worth doing this alongside other Moments of Triumph missions, then coming back to this quest once you're done.

The next and final step is completing the 'Blighted Chalice' Strike on the Moon. You can matchmake with randoms, but as with all Strikes, it's easier if you match make with two friends so you can co-ordinate better. Note that after the opening orb run, you can more or less just sprint past every enemy to the final boss encounter. Once there, use cover to defend yourself against the many Taken projectiles, while chipping away at the boss.

Once done, chat to Variks and you'll receive the Dreadfang Legendary sword as a reward.

Return to the Prison: Provided you're a high enough level, the first step - completing a Level 41 Prison of Elders - isn't too difficult, especially since you can matchmake with other players. If you're new to Prison of Elders, then it's worth dipping into the lower-level arenas that launched alongside House of Wolves to get a feel for the mini-objectives, such as disarming mines, in a more relaxed context.


Once you've done Level 41, go back to Varkis to collect and use an Elder's Sigil to enter Challenge of the Elders. We delve into this step more as part of the Challenge of the Elders entry below.

Challenge of the Elders​: Complete an Elder's Sigil scorecard in the Prison of Elders

This step has you fully complete an Elder's Sigil - a new one of which is available each week from Variks in the Reef - for the Challenge of the Elders.

Each Sigil has two parts, a high score and a cumulative high score. The former has to be achieved in a single session, while the latter is the score added up from a number of sessions.

Since it's impossible to get both in a single run, to begin with, don't worry about the high score too much, and use the opening run to get a feel for that week's arenas and booster, which changes every week. Then, when you get more confident, make sure you fully concentrate and get the highest score possible.


Since every week is different, here are some general tips for scoring high in Challenge of the Elders:

  • Prioritise the score booster and work with team mates. If you get more attacks from Super kills, then try and re-spec your characters to fill your Super gauge faster, or spit out more Orbs of Light for others to collect. It's worth tailoring your Supers for this too; the Hunter's Nightstalker Super, Shadowshot, will spit out more Orbs with its tether than other Super classes. If it's melee kills, then have team mates damage but not kill enemies, and have someone else finish them off in their weakened state with a melee, getting you extra points for a team mate kill. And if you need to go solo for a while, make sure you go for headshots, grenades and other special kills to get a few extra points here and there.
  • Stretch out each round as long as possible. Though Variks will warn you that you're taking too long and the score is dropping, don't worry about this too much, as the score you'll accumulate from mopping extra waves of enemies outweighs what you'll lose from prolonging the match. This is especially important in later rounds, when each kill counts for more. That said...
  • Squeeze as much as you can out of each round. You might think that just because you get a fraction of the points in the opening round compared to the last you can take it easy to begin with, but some Challenge matches can come down to the wire, so it's worth focusing from beginning to end.

Ultimately, if you're struggling to meet that week's high score target, then return the following week after the reset and try again with a different set of bosses and high score boosters which you and your team might find a little easier. Good luck!


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