Destiny Moments of Triumph - The Play's the Thing, The Third Element, This is Amazing / The Mountaintop

How to get an Exotic Sword, every Calcified Fragment and more.

UPDATE September 20th, 2016: With the launch of Destiny: Rise of Iron, Year 2 of Moments of Triumph is officially over. Hopefully you got to rank 5 and earned yourself one of those exclusive shirts! We're keeping these pages live to help those playing The Taken King's many challenging Quests, otherwise be sure to read our Destiny; Rise of Iron guides, tips and tricks for everything you need to know about the next expansion.

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Destiny Moments of Triumph - The Play's the Thing, The Third Element, This is Amazing
How to complete the story, sub-class and Crucible-related Year 2 Moments of Triumph challenges.

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The Play's the Thing - Complete the Taken King main questline, culminating in 'Regicide'

This is one of the simpler objectives in Year 2 of Moment's of Triumph, where you simply play each story mission in The Taken King until you reach and finish Regicide, where - spoilers ahead - you battle and defeat Oryx. It's a fairly simple mission and boss battle, and though you can take it on solo, if you're struggling it's worth either levelling up and coming back with friends.


The Third Element - Equip a fully leveled Year Two subclass on any character

As you play through The Taken King's main story missions, you'll have an optional side objective from the Tower, depending on your current sub-class.

  • If you're a Titan, you'll play the 'A March of Fire' mission and unlock Sunbreaker sub-class.
  • If you're a Hunter, you'll play the 'A Ranger Lost' mission and unlock the Nightstalker sub-class.
  • If you're a Warlock, you'll play the 'A Spark in Shadow' mission and unlock the Stormcaller sub-class.

Once done, now level up the sub-class until you've unlocked every node. The most pain-free way to do this is to do it in the background of other activities, such as chipping away at every other Moments of Triumph objective, which will all spit out experience so you slowly but surely unlock it. You can always speed it up by making sure you complete plenty of Bounties along the way, Daily and Weekly missions, or playing plenty of Crucible matches.

​This is Amazing - Complete the Crucible questline culminating in 'The Mountaintop'

One of the Moments of Triumph's longer challenges is completing the quest-line that unlocks Weekly Crucible Bounties from Shaxx, which give you up to max Light level gear when completed. This has multiple steps, requiring kills and earning points from wins and plays in various modes.

You start by visiting Shaxx in the Tower to get your first Quest, Crucible Forged, to start the chain. At certain points multiple Quests will unlock at once - such as those that require you to get a certain amount of kills with a specific weapon type per match - allowing you to work towards finishing several simultaneously if you're smart about it.

Also note that where you have to earn points across matches, a win gives you three points, while completion (otherwise known as a loss) gives you one.

  1. Crucible Forged (earn 8 kills when your team is controlling more than two zones)
  2. Crucible Combat (12 Clash kills, five kills with an Active Runner, 12 Rumble kills, eight Skirmish kills, three Relics captured)
  3. Conquer the Day (complete a Daily match, two Weekly matches, then nine points from Daily / Weekly games)
  4. Factions (earn points in Control, then Rift matches)
  5. Trials Practice (earn 9 points in the Elimination playlist)
  6. Break the Ceiling (complete eight matches with a score of at least 1,200 points)
  7. Weapon Master (complete four matches with six or more auto rifle, pulse rifle, scout rifle and hand cannon kills)
  8. Crucible Master (earn points across Crucible matches)

If you need tips improving your Crucible skills, check out our Destiny Crucible maps and tactics page. Once done, you complete 'The Mountaintop' questline and unlock Weekly Crucible Bounties from Shaxx, which give you up to max Light level gear when completed.


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