Watch: 6 gaming dishes we'd really like to try

Gotta eat 'em all.

Food's alright really, isn't it? It tastes nice, stops us from dying and helps keep TV chefs from getting into trouble - let's face it, Gordon Ramsay would just be an angry man yelling in a bus shelter if it weren't for the food industry.

As you might expect, food also features in video games and is frequently a bit bizarre. With that in mind, we've cooked up (haha) this list of six video game dishes we'd really like to try.

Personally, I'm quite envious of Final Fantasy's endless chicken wings man - given the chance I would gladly gorge myself to death on buffalo wings. The real question in all of this, though, is why no-one in Final Fantasy land has thought to try deep-frying up a plate of Chocobo wings instead. Imagine the buckets they'd have to construct for a portion of those bad boys.

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