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Welcome! You've probably found your way to this page because you're looking for the absolute best, definitive place to find all the best Xbox One Black Friday 2016 deals. You're in luck; we'll be updating this page all the way through Black Friday 2016 to showcase the latest and greatest deals. So keep your browsers locked right here to find out the best of what internet retailers will have to offer.

In order to keep you as up-to-date as we can on the subject of Black Friday itself, we've included a little guide below.

Why is it called 'Black Friday'?

There are a few different stories milling around that explain why this is. A popular one is the idea of a company's financial performance running at a loss for the majority of the year, “in the red”, if you will. When this fateful day in November rolls around and customers stampede their way into stores to buy everything in sight, the company's profits finally rise and are back “in the black”. Hence 'Black Friday'. Good story, right?

Unfortunately, the truth isn't quite as pretty. The origins of the term 'Black Friday' arose in Philadelphia in the 1950s - it was originally a phrase used colloquially between police officers readying themselves for day of pandemonium ahead. With the price slashing frenzy becoming an annual event, police and other emergency service employees came to know Black Friday as the day of increased hours, stressful work conditions and unruly crowds. It wasn't unexpected - mixing heavily discounted products, limited stock levels and impatient crowds of people was never going to end that well - but police forces would prepare in advance and hope for the best.

What can you expect on Black Friday 2016?

Black Friday is traditionally the most active, most popular and busiest time of the year for shoppers and retailers alike. This year, it takes place on Friday 25th November. No doubt you've seen the YouTube videos or the news reports on the crowds that gather outside stores to be there as they open, or perhaps you've seen reports on the fighting that occasionally breaks out between shoppers as they argue over who saw that television/microwave/blu-ray player/toaster first. Black Friday can sometimes get a little out of hand.


Is this image from The Walking Dead or last year's Black Friday? It's anyone's guess.

Thankfully, over recent years, Black Friday has been embraced by more and more online retailers as well, meaning you won't have to venture out into the wildlands to have a chance at grabbing the half-priced luxury item you really want. With every passing year, Black Friday seems to grow a little more, too. What started as a one-day event grew into a weekend, which grew into a four-day weekend, which ballooned into a nearly two-week savings bonanza.

Online retailers especially tend to start putting key products on sale a little early - sometime in mid-November, usually - in order to handle the massive spike in internet traffic that will inevitably happen on Black Friday itself. After all, why wait for the one day the rest of the world points their browser there, when you can zip in a week early and still get a good deal?

In the past, retailers have struggled to meet the bandwidth demands of the Black Friday weekend and have occasionally been brought down by the sheer volume of people wanting to shop. This year, you can probably expect most high-profile websites to have reinforced their servers in anticipation of the higher traffic volumes. You should see fewer websites biting the dust and more of them selling their wares actively through the whole month of November.

What kind of stuff gets discounted on Black Friday 2016?

Everything, pretty much. If you can think of it, it's probably in a Black Friday deal somewhere. That's not to say that everything is discounted equally, however. While most retailers will take part in Black Friday in some form or fashion, the ones that really excel (and where you'll see the best savings and deals) are stores that sell electronics and gadgets. This is where the real meat of Black Friday savings will be. Everything from gaming to tech to TVs to kitchen appliances - these are the kind of products that will receive the biggest slash in prices.


The fancy new Xbox One S lands in August and will push older Xbox prices down.

This will be especially true with Black Friday 2016, since this year sees the launch of the new Xbox One S as well as several improvements to other tech and electronics. The arrival of a new Xbox One model will undoubtedly lead to some massive price cuts on the older-style Xbox One consoles, as well as bundles featuring the old models along with several games, as retailers are looking to clear out the older stock to make more room for the new. This will also ring true for the games themselves, as the older games in a franchise will see greater reductions as their new entries are released in the holiday season.

4K televisions are finally dropping in price into the realms of “affordable” and “very affordable”, so expect to see some deep discounts on them. The more of them that have made it to market by November this year, the more of the older sets there will be that will see price cuts as the newer models enter the fray. Odds are good that we'll see more than a few 4K TVs discounted by at least three figures each. Add to that the usual Black Friday suspects - tech, such as home theatre sound systems, projectors, and sound bars - and you should begin to be able to paint yourself a fairly good picture of what you can expect to see on offer in November.

So, if you're looking for a fancy new luxury tech item - be it a TV, monitor, graphics card, refrigerator or bluetooth speakers - you're most likely going to find something that interests you.

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How can you prepare for Black Friday 2016?

The best way to prepare for Black Friday is to have a good idea what you want, but to give yourself some wiggle room. Let's say you want to buy a new gaming console. This year, you'll probably be choosing between PS4, Xbox One and Xbox One S. Inside those categories, you'll have choices for hard drive size for each of those. Having a good idea of what you want is great - you may decide you want to grab an Xbox One on Black Friday - but giving yourself the wiggle room of not minding what games come with the bundle or what size the hard drive is will really help you in grabbing the best deal. Make sure you're buying what you want, but be aware that the best deal on a product like that won't be around forever, and be prepared to make a quick buying decision.

In short, figure out what you want to buy ahead of time and keep an eye out for what retailers are offering. Maybe you don't mind if you buy a 1TB Xbox One or a 500GB Xbox One, so you might save yourself some money by grabbing the one that's absolutely the cheapest. Maybe the deal is cheap, but doesn't come with exactly the games you're after, but remember you can sell the games after the fact and recoup some money towards the titles you are after.

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What will we be doing to help?

A great deal is only a great deal if it's something that you're actually going to want to buy, so what we'll be doing is keeping a close watch over all the online retailers offering Black Friday deals, most of which will be offering deals throughout November as well, and updating this page as we go, when we spot some fairly terrific offers. The goal is to find stuff that is both a great deal or big saving, but also something that will appeal to you.

We'll do the virtual legwork and gather up all the deals, good offers, bundles and whatnot that make sense, we'll post them right here, and all you have to do is check this page for all the latest offers. Together we will make it through this!

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday and is another US tradition that is making it's way across the Atlantic. It was a term created by marketing companies and retailers to create an online version of Black Friday to persuade consumers to spend even more money. The result of this is now an entire weekend of deals and price cuts. The boundaries between the two days are blurred and some retailers even offer pre-Black Friday deals to further entice and spread out the spending.

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