Overwatch basketball hoop now spews confetti when you score!

Experience tranquillity.

Forget Overwatch Competitive Play - scoring with the basketball in the Lijiang Tower holding area now spews confetti and sounds an air horn as celebration!

I tried for an hour-and-a-half this morning to recreate the winning shot but couldn't. Fortunately someone else, via Reddit, has.

I'm not sure whether the same confetti and horn celebration plays in the identical Nepal and Ilios starting areas but I assume so.

When scoring with a basket before yesterday's Competitive Play patch, nothing happened, but it became a bragging right nonetheless. That's assuming people saw it of course which, now, they blooming well should.

But basketballs in Overwatch are also currently a bit broken; they're a bit bouncy - something confirmed by the top dog himself, game director Jeff Kaplan.

In an Overwatch forum thread complaining about the sudden over-bounciness of basketballs, Kaplan replied: "We have a big ball tuning pass coming soon. Unfortunately, I am totally not kidding." What a hero.

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