Watch: 6 times the special edition was cooler than the game

It's this week's Eurogamer Show.

A couple of days ago, Activision announced that Modern Warfare Remastered would only be available to those who bought the Legacy Editions of Infinite Warfare.

To say I wasn't impressed by this announcement would be an understatement. Locking it inside the premium editions of Infinite Warfare is a cheeky ploy to say the least, pricing some people out of the chance to replay the best Call of Duty game to date.

I was so miffed by this decision that I stopped playing fetch with my cat and actually did some work for once. Check out the fruits of my frustration in this week's Eurogamer Show, in which I bring you six examples of special edition bonuses that eclipsed the games they were bundled with. Give it a watch and let me know if you can think of any others.

I'm not angry, Activision. I'm just disappointed.

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