Ruffian's Hollowpoint on hold, Paradox partnership dead

But studio's Fragmental launches on Steam Early Access.

The future of Ruffian's Hollowpoint looks troubled as the studio's partnership with publisher Paradox has fallen apart.

Ruffian, developer of Crackdown 2, announced Hollowpoint in 2014 as part of Sony's Gamescom conference. It was billed as a co-op tactical action game that rekindled memories of Shadow Complex.

Hollowpoint was due to be published by Paradox as part of its deal with Sony for all of its games to appear on console first on PS4. But after Paradox put out a story trailer during E3 2015, Hollowpoint went dead. It turns out, Ruffian and Paradox parted ways soon after.

The collapse of the publishing deal was brought to light by website Paradox issued a statement that suggested creative differences were to blame.

  • After recent ongoing discussions between the two companies, it became apparent to both parties that the creative vision for the project was diverging and so the decision was ultimately taken to cease our co-operation in order to serve the long-term interests of the game.
  • We would like to thank Ruffian Games for all their hard work and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours. Paradox will be re-evaluating the creative direction of Hollowpoint internally before making any final decisions.

Today, Ruffian has issued a statement of its own to Eurogamer, revealing it stopped working with Paradox on Hollowpoint in summer 2015. But it pointed to new projects, including Fragmental, a couch-play multiplayer twin-stick shooter it self-published on Steam as an Early Access title in February 2016. The reception so far has been positive.

Here's the statement:

  • We ceased working with Paradox on Hollowpoint in Summer 2015 and we wish them well for the future. Since then we've continued to work on multiple projects and we released Fragmental on Steam Early Access just last week. We are looking forward to supporting Fragmental with regular feature and content updates towards a launch version later this year.

It seems the focus right now for Ruffian at least is on Fragmental (gameplay video below), which leaves Hollowpoint somewhat dead in the water. Here's hoping it one day sees the light of day.

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