Video: How I learned to stop worrying and love Dark Souls 3

Plus more videos from Outside Xbox.

Mike recently ventured into Dark Souls 3 and came back a harrowed man, and yet he can't wait to dive back into the punishing Kingdom of Lothric.

In new Xbox One gameplay below, he salutes the stern charm of Dark Souls 3 and five reasons series newcomers shouldn't be too intimidated to have a go.

Also on the topic of hostile environments, this week we pondered how poorly several game heroes cope in aquatic settings. When Altair gets dunked in water, for instance, he flails like a man being attacked by bees then drowns instantly.

Brutal Legend's Eddie Riggs, on the other hand, can't dip a toe without taking damage. Witness how running in and out of the sea leaves Eddie looking like he's been in a car wreck in the video below.

Speaking of deadly liquids, the Xenomorph added to Mortal Kombat X's roster this week can shoot corrosive acid out of its tail.

It's an anatomical detail Ridley Scott considered too gruesome for his 1979 film, probably, but which Mortal Kombat documents in the new DLC. Take a watch in the Xenomorph gameplay below.

So concludes the Outside Xbox highlights, Eurogamer viewers. Visit us for further Outside Xbox videos, why not?

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