16-person Party Chat and better Xbox 360 integration in next Xbox One update

Plus: more Avatar features, improved Achievements section, more.

Microsoft has a flurry of new Xbox One features on the way in its next console update, headlined by an increase in Party Chat size from 12 up to 16.


This larger number will apply to Parties either on Xbox One or on Windows 10 via the Xbox app. You'll also be able to include your Party chat with your Twitch broadcasts.

Backwards-compatible Xbox 360 games will now be listed on the Xbox One store, and achievements will now appear in your feed.

Speaking of Achievements, there's now a dedicated section for them in the console's menu sidebar. The Gamerscore leaderboard will return in the Achievements section, too.

Avatars will appear in your feed if you have chosen to replace your static gamerpic with your avatar. You'll also be able to compare your avatar to your friends'.

A new Featured section of the dashboard will highlight games, deals and event. The standard length of a Game DVR clips can now be changed (from 15 seconds up to 5 minutes). Finally, you'll now only see a player's reputation if they have been rated poorly.

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