Watch: Gunscape is Minecraft with guns

Plus more from Outside Xbox.

Greetings, Eurogamers! I'm not sure if you've noticed but there's this game called Minecraft that is a bit popular. If someone could only work out how to make the next Minecraft, they'd be laughing.

Gunscape bills itself as an "FPS construction kit". Ostensibly it's a Minecrafty sandbox smooshed together with Quake 3 Arena in which you can create your own old-school first-person shooter and upload the results for the world to download and play. It comes out on 2 March and is resolutely not the next Minecraft, but when we played it in frantic split-screen it certainly entertained, for better or worse.

This week also saw the release of Rocket League on Xbox One, a pseudo-football game that adheres to the maxim that any sport can be improved with rocket boosters and explosions. Show of the Week wholeheartedly concurs.

Finally, after we submitted a rogue's gallery of characters who callously turned against us, it turned out our commenters had also felt the cruel sting of betrayal. Here are nine more duplicitous turncoats, as selected by our viewers.

That's all from us for another week, but there's much more of this sort of thing over on our YouTube channel. See you there, or back here the same time next week.

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